Dec 24, 2022

어서와, 요정들 라이브는 처음이지?❤️쏘리 여러분 처음이니까요^^연휴 잘 보내고 있나요?락키들 보고 싶어서 공연 끝나고 바로 왔지❤️🎂레아의 첫 생일파티에 초대합니다🎂ㄱi억해...시넘과 락키가 함께한 800일...❤🎉🎉SECRET NUMBER 2nd Anniversary🎉🎉🧡VitaMINJI Day🧡♥️HAPPY VALENTINE DAY♥️♥️HAPPY VALENTINE DAY♥️💓 Pink JINNY DAY 💓DJ Ming LIVEDJ Ming Practice Room LiveGOODBYE 2021 👋♥️ Merry DITA Day ♥️'FIRE SATURDAY' Last Show Eating Show 🤤❤️‍🔥💙HAPPY SOODAM DAY💙We came back ~~ Welcome Welcome 🥰SECRET SPOT LIVE!😝Do you want to congratulate us on our 300th day with us??Jinny is so so happy!!!! ❤️❤️ You'll celebrate my birthday with me, right?!SECRET NUMBER Fanclub Naming Contest FINAL2020 SECRET AWARDSMerry Christmas Eve~🎀🎊Why? Do We Look Like the Group That Won the AAA Rookie Award?♥got that mukbang got that mukbang ♡Short Eating Show to Celebrate SECRET NUMBER's 6th Month AnniversaryBunny Soodam Day100 DAYS with SECRET NUMBER