SEVENTEEN Community Posts - 2021 SVT 5TH FAN MEETING CARAT LAND Live Streaming📡 SVT in 👏👏(Clap!Clap!) CARAT LAND!💎 Enter now and watch the concert!

Aug 6, 2021

2021 SVT 5TH FAN MEETING CARAT LAND Live Streaming📡 SVT in 👏👏(Clap!Clap!) CARAT LAND!💎 Enter now and watch the concert!

“Brightly shining in the night sky is the sound of our song, the sound of our laughter~🎶” Have a look at CARAT LAND official merch with palpitating hearts, and celebrate the moment of encounter with ...CARAT’s hearts fluttered once again💞 with SEVENTEEN’S 8th Mini-Album [Your Choice], as members flowed even deeper into love, during the album promotion💎 “First time feeling my heart race Never thou...“We make the rules the only rule in the world. Can’t change it, Not anyone, anyone" Can’t change this album with anything, it’s so precious!🎧💎 The official merch of 'Your Choice' are finally here! ...💎Congratulations on your powerful comeback💎 SEVENTEEN came back with the 8th Mini Album, ‘Your Choice’! ~!🎺🎉 SEVENTEEN, yet again presents energetic and charming songs that gratify our hearts like...🔥I’ll light a flame in your heart🔥 WONWOO X MINGYU, ‘Bittersweet’ ☕🍫 has lit up a flame in the heart of CARAT Are you all enjoying the song~? 🎧 SEVENTEEN’s 2021 project "Power of 'Love'" starts wi...“You to me, and me to you so many thankful things⛺“ It has been 6 years already that SEVENTEEN and CARAT have loved and taken care of each other! 💖 Commemorating the 6th anniversary, SEVENTEEN member...SEVENTEEN came back with ‘Your Choice’💎💕 that befits the cool and refreshing season Can’t wait to see a stunning and breathtaking performance! SEVENTEEN will surely make us feel uplifted, excited an..."I can feel it" "I'm in danger, I can't run away" There's no escaping the fatal attraction of performance team leader HOSHI🐯💎 and his transformation into Spider🕷 From each intricate movement to hi...Hello. We have recently updated the Weverse Community Guidelines to make our community space healthier and more enjoyable for members. [Updates] 1. Prohibited activities and behaviors in Weverse 2. Ho...SEVENTEEN, summer, fall, and winter... For CARAT, the four seasons are not the same! (Or it could be spring, SEVENTEEN, fall, and winter! You get the idea🤣) With beautiful spring blossom petals🌸 SEV...Hello from Weverse! 17 March 2021 marks 1 year since SEVENTEEN joined Weverse Join the 1-year anniversary celebration with #Weverse_1year_SVT hashtag! We will do our very best to bring you more exciti...💎Shining Diamonds yeah💎 Even after time passes I won’t become weak, We’ll keep it up That's right...! SEVENTEEN shining bright with their timeless force of creation✨ Now it's time for their very own...2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT <IN-COMPLETE> Official Merch 2nd Pre-order💎 If you enjoyed SEVENTEEN's first concert of 2021, celebrate it with the official merch! And don't forget to check out the mer...2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT <IN-COMPLETE> Live Streaming📡 Enter now and watch the concert!