STAYC Community Posts - STAYC(스테이씨) The 2nd Mini Album [YOUNG-LUV.COM] 'RUN2U' MV 🎧 #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2U #RUN_TO_STAYC

Feb 20, 2022

STAYC(스테이씨) The 2nd Mini Album [YOUNG-LUV.COM] 'RUN2U' MV 🎧 #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2U #RUN_TO_STAYC

STAYC(스테이씨) The 2nd Mini Album [YOUNG-LUV.COM] 'RUN2U' MV Teaser #2 🎧 2022.02.21 MON 6PM (KST) #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2USTAYC(스테이씨) The 2nd Mini Album [YOUNG-LUV.COM] Highlight Medley 🎧 2022.02.21 MON 6PM (KST) #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2USTAYC(스테이씨) The 2nd Mini Album [YOUNG-LUV.COM] ‘RUN2U’ MV Teaser #1 🎧 2022.02.21 MON 6PM (KST) #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2U❤ 211209 HAPPY J DAY 🎉❤ #HappyJDay #STAYC #스테이씨 #J #재이To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the To_Art...🎉 STAYC 1st Anniversary 🎉 #스테이씨 #STAYC #STAYC_1st_Anniversary #STAYC_데뷔1주년_ㅇ1제ㅅ1작[📢] 축🎉STAYC 데뷔 1주년🎉하 11월 12일, STAYC와 SWITH이 함께한 지 어느덧 1년이 되었습니다! #STAYC_데뷔1주년_ㅇ1제ㅅ1작 해시태그와 함께 STAYC 데뷔 1주년을 축하해 주세요.🥰 이제 한 걸음 앞으로 나온 STAYC! 앞으로의 STAYC 여정도 스윗 여러분이 함께 걸어주시길 바라며 2주년, 5주년, 10주년 쭉쭉 오래...🔥🔥 STAYC(스테이씨) The 1st Mini Album [STEREOTYPE] 발매!! 드디어 우리 스윗들이 기다리고 기다리던 짱테이씨의 컴백❣ 벌써 명반이다,, 벌써 띵곡이다,, 벌써 귀에 맴돈다,,🎶 앞으로 다양한 활동들이 준비되어 있으니 우리 스윗🍬 많은 응원과 기대 부탁드리며, 타이틀곡 '색안경 (STEREOTYPE)' 많이 들어주시고,...🎉Congratulations!🎉 A month already has passed after STAYC joined on Weverse!🌹 Members sent a message of gratitude toward fans💌 Let’s make precious and meaningful memories on STAYC Weverse! Watch t...📢Weverse pre-release dance cover📢 The stage master, STAYC has prepared dance cover for SWITH🎁 Drum roll, please~! It is none other than SEVENTEEN’s <독 : Fear> A chill runs down the spine immediatel...💌Introducing Sumin from J to you!💌 ⭐Name: J(Jang Yea Eun) ⭐Date of birth: December 9, 2004 ⭐Blood type: O ⭐Position: Sub vocal, rapper, soft maltese, low voice, bobbed hair, pink hair ⭐To Weverse fa...💌Introducing Yoon from STAYC to you!💌 ⭐Name:Yoon (Shim Ja Yoon) ⭐Date of birth: April 14, 2004 ⭐Blood type:A ⭐Position: Lead vocal, master of selfie, moodmaker, human vitamin, energizer, the tallest...💌Introducing Seeun from STAYC to you!💌 ⭐Name: Seeun (Yoon Seeun) ⭐Date of birth: June 14, 2003 ⭐Blood type: A ⭐Position: Sub vocal, facial genius, Sebastian, Soft peach, lovely honey, Light Fury, Sn...💌Introducing ISA from STAYC to you!💌 ⭐Name: ISA (Lee Chae-young) ⭐Date of birth: January 23, 2002 ⭐Blood type: O ⭐Position: lead vocal, chic princess, hip-chang, innocent cat, Director Nyang ⭐To Wev...💌Introducing Sieun from STAYC to you!💌 ⭐Name: Sieun (Park Sieun) ⭐Date of birth: August 1, 2001 ⭐Blood type: A ⭐Position: Main vocal, egg, soft and plush princess, Si-punzel, Parksikeum (actress Par...💌Introducing Sumin from STAYC to you!💌 ⭐Name: Sumin (Bae Sumin) ⭐Date of birth: March 13, 2001 ⭐Blood type: O ⭐Position: Cool leader, Bae-rabbit, master of polaroid pictures, the daughter of Pohang,...📣Finally! STAYC Weverse has opened!📣 “Please appear before me😉" We were waiting for STAYC to come to Weverse ASAP🥰 Make some noise, SWITH, who’ve been waiting for this day to come~~!!🙌 STAYC is u...