TFN Weverse LIVE - 노아 - NOA

Aug 7, 2022

오랜만에😎😎하이하이저와 생일을 함께하실래요?><Let's PlayGunwoo Noa Hi HiKekeke I'm SorryJust my voice today~It's Noa~><Ta-da~⭐️It's been a while heh온 제로 키오 💕 (멋쟁이즈)건우 레오 노아 ❤️One Year For EDELWEISS♥365 ❤️💕Hi-!Watch Noa for a second before going to bed)())^^"Run up" last broadcast homework check time⏰Happy birthday!☺️Noa came!!!!EDELWEISS❤️Talk Talk in the Middle of the Night🌙Late night V LIVE where I take requestsT1419's Special Dorm Revealed? Metaverse Talk LIVE at Late NightON's Day 🖤Hi EDELWEISS🐬Daily Palace❓하루의 궁❓Friday Night Noa!I missed you, EDELWEISS❤️Hello Sunbae!Together with EDELWEISS on White Day🍭🦙❓Drawing Painted by Green Gunwoo 🎨Japan Debut‼️노아 입니당노아가 왔어요~Kairi's Birthday🐰⭐️Play With MeChoi Juhwan⭐️🦙💕💕This is Noa~Sorry!Are... You Not Coming In? Guess Who..?NOA ON!!It's Shota Time🎂Day's On ⭐️Day's On⭐️When It's Cold, You Should Be With?팬이벤트에 못오신분🙌🙌EDELWEISS 1 기 FANCLUB KIT UNBOXING