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Feb 17, 2022

🦙💕💕This is Noa~Sorry!Are... You Not Coming In? Guess Who..?NOA ON!!It's Shota Time🎂Day's On ⭐️Day's On⭐️When It's Cold, You Should Be With?팬이벤트에 못오신분🙌🙌EDELWEISS 1 기 FANCLUB KIT UNBOXING🌙제로 토크⭐️Congrats on One Year💕Been A While Kevin Is Alone~💕Let's "NO""LE"~ (Let's sing)오순도순대없는 분식Bin_Vin Brothers 🥰Again😂😂😂Fruit🍒🍇Corn Tea🌽Noa, come On~2021 End of the year party T1419It's Gunwoo~밥 먹었어요 ? 에델바이스!!On of the Day🦙Kevin Alone ❤️❤️🌸EDELWEISS🌸 is bloomingKIO is here 🥢🥢VinBin Brothers Are Here❤️❤️❤️(VinBins)What time is? Kevin On Si(an) ⏱☕️🥣Youngest Kio's Birthday😎EDELWEISS Thank You❤️Only ON and No OFF, Let's Begin the Birthday Party✨🎉Chic Leo's Chic 😎 Birthday Party🎉We came to say bye for ending our 3rd single album promotionsIt's already been 100 days.. since we've been in love..🤭😍KION😚와 T1419 비주얼 2인방 아니야? - 온 -시안&카이리 왔어요🥰노아랑 레오가 왔습니다👋🏻에델바이스!!!! 영상통화 팬사인회 하기 전에 잠깐 왔어요~~~T1419 [BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 3] COMEBACK SHOWCASE레오VS제로, 게임은 우리가 할게! 응원은 누가 할래?SIAN-KAIRI's Siabujak Kabujak🧵Invitation to 👑King Noa's👑 Birthday Party!!Today's ON🏝T1419 DEBUT 200DAYS Anniversary🎉Kio's Challenge! Here Comes Kio, Make Way~Kim