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Sep 4, 2021

노아랑 레오가 왔습니다👋🏻에델바이스!!!! 영상통화 팬사인회 하기 전에 잠깐 왔어요~~~T1419 [BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 3] COMEBACK SHOWCASE레오VS제로, 게임은 우리가 할게! 응원은 누가 할래?SIAN-KAIRI's Siabujak Kabujak🧵Invitation to 👑King Noa's👑 Birthday Party!!Today's ON🏝T1419 DEBUT 200DAYS Anniversary🎉Kio's Challenge! Here Comes Kio, Make Way~Kim Gunwoo_Serious_About_Dancing.liveKevin Alone🏠Choi Noa, Ha Leo's Volume Up📢Sian's Playlist 'K-POP Hidden Great Non-Title Tracks'🎧Day's On🌙마지막 팬사인회를 마치고😢On of the Day🌙Direct Fan Meeting That Made Us So Happy🥰😍Gunwoo's Birthday That Will Spread Joy to the Whole World💝KEVIN Alone🏠The last video call fan signing with T1419...🌟Come and watch Kairi and Gunwoo dance~🕺Play a Game with NOA, LEO, ON, KAIRI?Not Giraffe Drawing Made By T1419 Time to Draw Dreams 🌟🎉DEBUT 100 DAYS Anniversary🎉Everyone~~~We miss you💕Hello! I am Kevin the Cultural Asset and Today is My Birthday🎤T1419 COMEBACK SHOWCASET1419 COMEBACK SHOWCASELast Fan Signing Gifts Arrived🍭🍬🍫T1419 아수라발발타 막방👏🎉👏What is today? Kairi's birthday!!!🎂Who wants to see T1419~~~✋Today is Sian's Day 🎂🌟With T1419 to End the Weekend ❤️What are you all doing?! 👀Knock Knock😆💙Universe's Most Handsome ★Zero's Birthday★💙Wrapped Up the First Week of ASURABALBALTA💓팬싸 전 깜짝 라이브😝2 days since debut❤️T1419 <BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1> DEBUT SHOWCASE(50 Minutes Before) Gunwoo and On's Surprise Live<🎄Christmas Tree Decoration with T1419🎄>Hi? We are T1419✨🎉