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Dec 15, 2021

VinBin Brothers Are Here歹歹歹(VinBins)What time is? Kevin On Si(an) 儭奴Youngest Kio's BirthdayEDELWEISS Thank You歹Only ON and No OFF, Let's Begin the Birthday PartyChic Leo's Chic Birthday PartyWe came to say bye for ending our 3rd single album promotionsIt's already been 100 days.. since we've been in love..五KION T1419 赬鴥潰 2賈骨 ? - -&儦渥渠收 渥弘賄 曰 蛟毋賈渥!!!! 蛭 科科貲 篣 篧 渥~~~T1419 [BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 3] COMEBACK SHOWCASE丈S諢, 窶 圉收穈 窶! 穈 ?SIAN-KAIRI's Siabujak Kabujak孝Invitation to King Noa's Birthday Party!!Today's ONT1419 DEBUT 200DAYS AnniversaryKio's Challenge! Here Comes Kio, Make Way~Kim Gunwoo_Serious_About_Dancing.liveKevin AloneChoi Noa, Ha Leo's Volume UpSian's Playlist 'K-POP Hidden Great Non-Title Tracks'Day's On諤鴔諤 科科貲諝 諤儦窸On of the DayDirect Fan Meeting That Made Us So Happy弘Gunwoo's Birthday That Will Spread Joy to the Whole WorldKEVIN AloneThe last video call fan signing with T1419...Come and watch Kairi and Gunwoo dance~Play a Game with NOA, LEO, ON, KAIRI?Not Giraffe Drawing Made By T1419 Time to Draw Dreams DEBUT 100 DAYS AnniversaryEveryone~~~We miss youHello! I am Kevin the Cultural Asset and Today is My BirthdayT1419 COMEBACK SHOWCASET1419 COMEBACK SHOWCASELast Fan Signing Gifts Arrived唐突T1419 潺諻 諤諻拎What is today? Kairi's birthday!!!Who wants to see T1419~~~Today is Sian's Day With T1419 to End the Weekend 歹What are you all doing?! Knock KnockUniverse's Most Handsome Zero's BirthdayWrapped Up the First Week of ASURABALBALTA