TREASURE Community Posts - TREASURE 2ND FULL ALBUM [REBOOT] NOW RELEASED! Finally unveiling the mystery behind Chak Chak Chak Chak Cha-ja Jak Cha Jak!🫡 ✨ 💎TREASURE - ‘BONA BONA’ 💎✨ BONA here BONA there! No matter how many

Jul 28, 2023

TREASURE 2ND FULL ALBUM [REBOOT] NOW RELEASED! Finally unveiling the mystery behind Chak Chak Chak Chak Cha-ja Jak Cha Jak!🫡 ✨ 💎TREASURE - ‘BONA BONA’ 💎✨ BONA here BONA there! No matter how many

TREASURE 2ND FULL ALBUM [REBOOT] COMING SOON! For this summer that TREASURE is preparing for you, all you need are 🎧 headphones and 🍉 watermelon to chill 😎 We've been busy with lots of SPOILER vid...T5 <MOVE> STREAMING NOW! #T5_MOVE_MV_Out_Now I was utterly shocked by the dance practice video, but the music video almost took my breath away…🫢 After watching the MV once 😳 and the dance video onc...TREASURE T5 <MOVE> NOW REVEALED! #TREASURE_T5_DANCEMOVE “TEUME, are you a T?” It's not the 'T' from MBTI, nor ‘PreTTy’, ‘CuTie’, not a ‘T-shirt’ nor a Telecom company, it's the 'T' from TREASURE, yes,...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN HONG KONG HELLO HONG KONG👋 TREASURE has arrived in HONG KONG to meet TEUME! ✈️ 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] At the final destination of the long journey, HONG KONG, TREA...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN MANILA The heat in MANILA with TREASURE is still sizzling🔥 The city is buzzing with excitement for today's second performance! In order to repay the huge cheers and su...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN MANILA HELLO MANILA👋 TREASURE is zooming straight to MANILA this time!✈️ Waking up to the realization that today is TREASURE's concert day!💎 The mere thought of going...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN SINGAPORE HELLO SINGAPORE👋 TREASURE sailed to arrive in SINGAPORE!✈️ As vast as SINGAPORE's azure ocean, We eagerly await a concert venue filled with lovely TEULIGHT s...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN BANGKOK It's already time for our last show in BANGKOK🥺 But guess what? TREASURE members are still as energetic as ever on the last day, all thanks to huge LOVE and S...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN BANGKOK TEU-HI! It’s the 2nd day of BANGKOK has begun! TREASURE MAKERs, are you ready to surrender your weekend to TREASURE?! Yes‼️ My world is already filled with TREA...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN BANGKOK HELLO BANGKOK!👋 Today where everything is perfect is the BANGKOK D-Day!✈️ TREASURE is here to rock your Friday to Sunday! With a performance as dazzling as Ban...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN JAKARTA TREASURE is standing by for their 2nd concert in JAKARTA!🎤 DAY 1’s atmosphere was hotter than the sun! With TREASURE MAKER’s cheering that beat the heat, TREAS...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN JAKARTA HELLO JAKARTA👋 This stop for TREASURE is JAKARTA!✈️ The concert will be held for two days here at JAKARTA! Hold your hands with TREASURE and RUN~~Shh TREASURE!...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN KUALA LUMPUR HELLO KUALA LUMPURI👋 TREASURE has safely arrived in KUALA LUMPUR!✈️ The second destination of 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] Is KUALA LUMPUR! I heard TREASURE...💎2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN TAIPEI HELLO TAIPEI👋 TREASURE has finally arrived to meet with TAIPEI TEUMEs!✈️ This is the performance venue where THE FIRST STEP of the 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN...✨LAST CHANCE TO GET👇 💎TREASURE MAKER 1ST MEMBERSHIP KIT💎 TREASURE MAKER’s first membership kit will soon end🚨 If you still haven’t purchased the TREASURE MAKER 1ST MEMBERSHIP KIT, hurry up and mak...2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN TAIPEI, BANGKOK FANCLUB PRESALES REGISTRATION OPEN! 🎷 Have you all checked the opening notice for 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN TAIPEI, BANGKOK? Anyone who has a TREASUR...2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN KUALA LUMPUR, JAKARTA, MANILA, MACAU FANCLUB PRESALES REGISTRATION OPEN! 🥁 +HONG KONG(1/16~) Have you all checked the opening notice for 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN KU...2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN SINGAPORE FANCLUB PRESALES REGISTRATION OPEN! 🎺 Have you all checked the opening notice for 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN SINGAPORE? Anyone who has a TREASURE MAKER MEMB...News gloabal TREASURE MAKERs would’ve been waiting for! 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] is COMING SOON! 🎉 Anyone who has a TREASURE MAKER MEMBERSHIP can register for the 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] Fanclub...💙💚Surprise Event with TEUME💙💚 ✨Please be our ohora X TREASURE gel nail model!💅 How about making your last month of the year even more special with ohora X TREASURE gel nail, which we prepared jus...👛WHAT’S IN TEUME’S BAG?👛 2022 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] in SEOUL The concert is already just around the corner! The day we can finally say HELLO! to each other at the concert venue! What are your specia...💚ohora X TREASURE gel nail kit💙 Did you all see the self-gel nail kit 💅, composed of gel nails and gel lamp, which portrays TREASURE’s identity in the finest way? 😍 With gel nails designed with TR...TREASURE & TREASURE MAKERS, THANK YOU to you both!💙 TREASURE successfully wrapped up their 6 music shows as their THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER TWO activities!💎 And finally…they only have one music sho...TREASURE 2nd MINI ALBUM THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER TWO NOW RELEASED! 💖 🕵️"We want to know TEUME's review of the MV!”🔎 #HELLOeverywhere 👋 👋 👋 to TEUME watching the MV, TEUME streaming the new song...THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER TWO 🎬 COUNTDOWN LIVE - INVITATION💌 TEU-HI~! TEU-HELLO~! 👋 There’s only a couple of days left till we can say HELLO to TREASURE! October 4th! Celebrating TREASURE’s 2nd MIN...💎CONCERT TEURACK-LIST💎 2022 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] in SEOUL Sales for General Tickets have now opened! ☑️ Ticket Sales & Concert Information 📍 GENERAL TICKET SALES : 📍 CONCE...🎙2022 TREASURE CONCERT IN SEOUL🎙🎶 This coming November, TREASURE’s second concert in Seoul will be held to meet with TREASURE MAKERs! 📍PRESALES : 2022.9.22(THU) 8PM ~ 9.23(FRI) 11:59PM (KST) 🌐J...💎220807 TREA2URE ANNIVER2ARY💎 Congratulations on TREASURE’s 2nd debut anniversary~!!🎂🎉 Can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since TREASURE and TEUMES have been together...🥹 Celebrating the ann...✨TEU-DATE SPECIAL LIVE✨ 📮An invitation has arrived💌 Hi, TEUMEs👋 Have you all been writing your vacation journals well❓👀 ❣️Celebrating TREASURE’s 2nd debut anniversary on August 7th, a date is sche...💙TREA2URE ANNIVER2ARY 2022💙 Celebrating TREASURE’s 2nd year debut anniver2ary, we’ve kicked off TREA2URE VACATION! TEUME, do you know why this year is 2022? That’s because this year is TREA2URE’s 2n...COMING SOON [TRACE] ⏰ D-7 D-30, D-20...📆 Finally, D-7❗️ The day we’ll meet TREASURE, their first concert is fast approaching! The touching memories from TEU-DAY is coming back🥺 While counting the da...🏁TIME TO JOIN TREASURE RACE! To meet all TREASURE MAKERs around the world!🌏 TREASURE is working hard to prepare for the concert✨ Although everyone can’t be there at the offline venue, since we’ll a...💎A surprise event for TEUME, TREASURE’s forever muse💎 ‘DARARARARARARI ~널 보고 있음 음악이 Babe~🎶 ‘ 🛎We will now conduct a listening test for TREASURE ‘다라리(DARARI)’! TREASURE MAKERs, please take a seat a...💎TREASURE 1ST CONCERT [TRACE]💎 Go straight to you!🎵 Go straight to TREASURE!🎵 D-30 until TREASURE’s first concert TRACE💙 Are you all super excited about the concert? While waiting for the upcomin...💎TREASURE-JIKJIN💎 TREASURE’s 1ST MINI ALBUM💿 [THE SECOND STEP : CHAPTER ONE]! Have you all enjoyed the M/V for the title-song ‘JIKJIN’?🎶 Intense beats and ultimate performance! Not to mention the...💎The Mysterious Class REACTION CAM EP.8💎 Hello-from TREASURE!👋 Watching <The Mysterious Class> together with TREASURE, how about we figure out who is the ghost of Class 3-4 at Boseok High School? C...💎BEHIND THE SCENES EP.8💎 Hey Treasure Makers! Did you have fun watching <The Mysterious Class> EP.8?👀 Upload posts on the funniest and scariest parts👻 with the hashtag📝 #TheMysteriousClass ! Goin...