TOMORROW X TOGETHER Community Posts - MO-Hi!✋ Ppulverse here~🚌 MOA~ What’s your background for your online lectures and video conferences!?🤔 TOMORROW X TOGETHER created virtual backgrounds for our MOA ~😍🖍❤ With these backgrounds, MOA

Mar 22, 2022

MO-Hi!✋ Ppulverse here~🚌 MOA~ What’s your background for your online lectures and video conferences!?🤔 TOMORROW X TOGETHER created virtual backgrounds for our MOA ~😍🖍❤ With these backgrounds, MOA

📺TO DO EP.76 is now available (Released Monday, March 21st, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP 76 SNEAK PEEK💝 Just to make yummy dishes for the members TAEHYUN has become a chef for the day!👨‍🍳 YAY~~ What kind of dishes will be waiting...!👀 MOA-gings! Thanks to Taehyun's Weverse p...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.73 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 16th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.73 PREVIEW⭐ Are you ready to watch TO DO ON AIR with glowy Beomgyu? Our MOA won't be able to just pass by this thumbnail! Carpe diem~! Content just as fun as the original ep Watch TO...📺TO DO EP.75 is now available (Released Monday, March 14th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 75 SNEAK PEEK💝 4EVA MOA~! Hey Forever MOA! Let's enter the arena of logic-backed suspicions together!!🤣 Just by looking at the members' expressions can you figure out how the "Donate and...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.72 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 9th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.72 PREVIEW⭐ Yeonjun_looking_for_MOA.jpg MOA-ging! Here, it's here! Behind the scenes moments that are just as fun as the original ep You can check them out in TO DO ON AIR EP.72! 📅 W...📺TO DO EP.74 is now available (Released Monday, March 7th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 74 SNEAK PEEK💝 TXT's cuteness jumped out of the thumbnail and shot straight into our hearts🏹 Mafia Game with the five Kitty-X-T cuties😻 MOA who are curious about who the mafia is, gather...MOA, Hi-! ✋ It's PPULVERSE!🚌 Everyone! It's been 3 years since TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted!🥳🎉 (Emotional & Touched🥺💚) PPULVERSE's heart is beating 190304 times a second right now... .❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍...💌Enjoying MOA X TOGETHER at 190304%💌 It's finally time for the 2022 TXT FANLIVE! Let's share how to enjoy the event to its full potential with everyone! ⭐ Waiting for the concert ⭐ 📍What are you m...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.71 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 2nd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.71 PREVIEW⭐ The last episode kept MOA on the edge of their seats!👀 For behind-the-scenes moments that are just as fun as the main episode, check out TO DO ON AIR EP.71😍 📅 Wednesday...📺TO DO EP.73 is now available (Released Monday, February 28th, 9 PMT) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 73 SNEAK PEEK💝 Steal or get stolen, that is the question Which Spring Fairy candidate will be the final winner after this endless chase?🧚‍♂️ Thanks to the awe-inspiring outfits💝 there ar...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.70 is now available (Released Wednesday, February 23rd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.70 PREVIEW⭐ Everyone looking at this thumbnail! 👥 You might have thought hey! Is this heaven??✨ ....but actually this is still reality.😅 Beomgyu's cuteness played with our MOA-ging'...📺TO DO X TXT - EP.72 is now available (Released Monday, February 21st, 9 PM (KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 72 SNEAK PEEK💝 CELEBRATION TIME🎉 The "World's Best Spring Fairy Contest" has opened!🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️ The one and only title👑 We wonder..who will become the 2022 Spring Fairy?? It's impossible ...MO-Hi!✋ It’s Ppulverse~🚌 Tada~ MOAs! What do you think of my clay artwork?🥰 You can’t tell what I made? Oh, really?🤔 Our talented TOMORROW X TOGETHER members made clay artworks, too!💕 Aren’t you ...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.69 PREVIEW⭐ Someone in the cafe is exercising with a chair...? Muscly Squirrel Taehyun can't stand the thought of losing his muscles🐿 From intense workouts between takes🏋 to huddlin...💝TODO EP. 71 SNEAK PEEK💝 Last person to leave work: "I will make sure to win next time!🏆" Warning that this episode may make your cheeks hurt from smiling🤣🚨 Based on the quote, which member was t...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.68 PREVIEW⭐ Yeonjun: "I'm the hot guy of Yongsan-gu, so it's okay" Whether it's fashion😎 Singing. Dancing.🕺 Yongsan-gu Hot Guys TXT are perfect in every way and MOA "want to sink in...💝 TODO EP.70 SNEAK PEEK 💝 Is this a game for leaving work...! Or is it a game for working late..! Which member will leave work first?🔎 But really... oh gosh that thumbnail ...🥰 TXT's smiles are br...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.67 PREVIEW⭐ MOA-ging: I'm here for the "Rule of KPOP" class!📚 Lecturer Soobin has fallen asleep(?) from studying KPOP so passionately🐰 📌Lecturer Soobin's credentials: 36th Music Ba...📢 TODO EP. 69 SNEAK PEEK 📢 Hold your hearts as they might explode.. due to TXT's next-level charm💘 Time to see the members' acting skills! TO DO Skits just for MOA😎 'From STAR to BARISTA...⭐' Her...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.66 PREVIEW⭐ 💌This thumbnail exceeds the maximum adorableness limit💌 The world's one and only bunny-bear Beomgyu🧸 Korean traditional scholar Soobin😎 and of course, WARI WARI Family...💝 TODO EP. 68 SNEAK PEEK 💝 In this episode, TXT's become baristas☕ Ahem!! Where can we find this cafe!!! We want to meet the amazing baristas...⭐ MOA's drink of choice is Iced Latte. ICED because i...MO-Hi!✋ Ppulverse, here! 🚌 I’m here to take a light trip to the MOA Only ZONE with our MOA! MOA Only ZONE was so much fun this year, too 🥰⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.65 예고⭐ THUMBNAIL CAPTION Taehyun: Apparently he has less than three months... While we wait for TO DO ON AIR..let's try and solve this ~nonsense~ riddle! Question: What does Taehyun m...💝 TODO EP. 67 SNEAK PEEK 💝 TXT is deeply passionate about their art and wholly committed to beautifully decorating each other's outfits.🎨 It's okay if you're not an ~artist~! MOA, while waiting fo...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.64 SNEAK PEEK⭐ Thumbnail caption: "Dizzy" ❣ Announcement - Caption Challenge for MOA ❣ A caption challenge just for fun, just for MOA🤩 while waiting for TO DO ON AIR! Why is Yeonjun ...💝 TODO EP. 66 SNEAK PEEK 💝 Street Birthday Photo Fighter! Each member of TXT getting pics in whatever(?) outfit they want📸 So cool so cool!! Our poppin' stars!✨ This is the content MOA likes to see...MO-Hi! ✋ Ppulverse is here! 🚌 Ppulverse is still basking in the wonderfulness that was the 2022 Weverse Con on December 31 2022 Weverse Con🥺✨ You too!? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Really?😗 I heard TOMORROW...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.63 SNEAK PEEK⭐ TXT is super focused on building gingerbread houses and MOA are super focused on watching TO DO🥰 All the behind-the-scenes moments from the original episode are right ...💝TO DO EP. 65 SNEAK PEEK💝 HAPPY NEW YEAR MOA! 🌅 Let's start off 2022 on a high note with TO DO! TO DO celebrating its 2nd Birthday! 🎂 MOA, how about we write messages for TO DO? Send birthday wish...MO-Hi! ✋ Ppulverse is here! 🚌 It’s already the last day of 2021! I can’t believe we can see our TOMORROW X TOGETHER perform this special day!!🥰 What a delightful end of the year💕 You’re already loo...💖Did everyone have a good time with TO DO in 2021??💖 Every Monday and Wednesday at 9 PM (KST)🕘 TO DO was responsible for our positive vibes and healing✨ Which episodes did you enjoy the most from T...💌 How to enjoy 2022 Weverse Con [NEW ERA] concert to the fullest 💌 Here's a pro tip for welcoming in the new year 🌅 while enjoying 2022 Weverse Con [NEW ERA] concert on Weverse!🎤 ⭐ Before the Conc...💝 TODO EP.64 SNEAK PEEK 💝 Playing with TOMORROW X TOGETHER's hearts! Gift Exchange Game! Will everyone get the gift they want?!🎁 They're so funny... you might be in tears..😂 CRYING~CRYING~CRYING~...MO-Hi!✋ Tada!! Ppulverse, here! 🚌 I’m here ‘cause I wanted to get closer to our MOA😆 Our MOA wanted to see me up close too, you say? Oh, really? Aw, that’s our MOA 😘❤ I want to be even better frie...