TOMORROW X TOGETHER Community Posts - Hello, MOA! How have you been! “My MOA friends, I hope you’ve been well! Did you really wait for me? Oh, really!? I’ll tell you a bit about myself today! Let’s be friends!” MOA’s friend, Ppulverse is

May 20, 2021

Hello, MOA! How have you been! “My MOA friends, I hope you’ve been well! Did you really wait for me? Oh, really!? I’ll tell you a bit about myself today! Let’s be friends!” MOA’s friend, Ppulverse is

“MOA! MOA! MOA! MOA!” Why did members shout out MOA!? 💕Waiting for your comments, MOA💕 🔥TXT members are full of passion🔥 They never give up, even when it is just a game! Learning what passion mean...A squirrel TAEHYUN is flexing on an arcade 💸 Have you watched a concept trailer, MOA? ⭐Let’s prepare for the comeback of TXT together! ⭐ First up, let’s review <TO DO> ! 📺 Which episode did you like...Our hearts are stolen –MOA- Oh! Found the stolen hearts!🔭 Can you see on the thumbnail image? There! 💕💕MOAS’ hearts are full to the brim💕💕 (in earnest) our hearts belong to TXT 🤭 (in earnest) Di...Watching ‘Sriracha’ choreography video, Let’s dance the twist together 💃🕺 Lalala~ 🎶 Why am I more excited today..? 😲 That’s right!! It’s the day of <TO DO ON AIR>! 🤩 On Wednesday night 9pm(KST) <...Please, see me with those lovely eyes ....💕 Get the scolding eyes(?) of maknae! Question: “How did you strike?” Answer: “All I did was breathe.” 😜 Whose answer is this? 🤭 On Monday night 9pm(KST),...⭐Su-bin means 'Outstanding' and 'Radiating'⭐ Take the radiating wink of Su-bin!😉 Who took the wink from Su-bin?? 🖐 (??: It's me! It's me! → expected response: Oh really?🐰) TXT's effort to become a ...It’s an exciting Monday! 😝 Monday is exciting because…! We watch TO DO together! 😉 Director Kang is onboarding new hires 💕 Teach me how to get a job at MOA corporation!🥺 On day 1, Director Kang gr...When the youngest wears a suit🐧. jpg What an energy boosting picture for a hump day!! Take a bow🙇🏻‍♀🙇‍♂ You are da best, Huening See you later on (YEONJUN. ver) 👋 Of course, seeing TXT members in...⭐First day at work⭐ Heading into the office and the first supervisor is... !!! YEONJUN...😺! 😺 : "Doesn't everyone get to work 10 minutes early?" Your reaction when you hear that??? 👇Let us know in ..."MOA 💙 곧 공개되는 애니메이션 <끝날의 밤> with 투모로우바이투게더를 함께 시청하실 준비되셨나요! 🍿 오늘 15:30 (KST) YouTube Live에서 만나요! 가장 좋아하는 간식을 준비하면 더욱~ 좋답니다! 그리고 TXT와 함께 시사회를 관람하는 모습을 담은 인증샷과 감상평을 해시태그 (#TXT_TheDoomsNight)와 함께 공유해 주..."MOA, have you eaten today🍚?" After eating, let's try an online tasting of the dessert made by TXT!🍞🍫 Tbh MOA can't take their eyes off of TAEHYUN!😍 "Tingle, tingle, it's odd like an electric cur...Oh really?🐰 Making it through this weekend waiting for TO DO = peak difficulty level .. ㅠㅠ Almost passed out...😵 Just watched Mood Diary over and over again....💕 Thanks to that, the time flew by! ...Petit Pâtisserie with 5 pâtissiers🥐 But, it's not just the bread they baked up! Bang! Bang!💖 Goes the heart to MOA! Bam! 🥰🌼 Goes the smile on the faces of MOA! 💖Petit Pâtisserie wth the master he...Why is Yeonjun posing?? 👇Let's guess together in the comments below👇 MOA won't be able to just pass by this preview Without looking closer!✍ Already looking forward to MOA's comments...🤭 Falling.....#MOA_MoodDiary 모아의 ‘무드 다이어리’ 이벤트 📖 TOMORROW X TOGETHER가 추천한 노래 어땠나요? 여러분들의 플레이리스트를 공유해주시면 멤버들이 직접 들어보고 후기를 남긴다는 소문이...! 🎧🎶🎵🎼 언제, 어디서, 어떤 생각과 감정으로 들으면 좋을지 MOA만의 음악 듣는 TIP까지 함께 알려주면 더 좋아용 >3< MOA만의...HUENING 🐧 & YEONJUN🐱 This picture of the two says it all about the next TO DO ON AIR episode Well, see you soon everyone!👋 (Why can't I stop smiling...? Does anybody know...?💕) <TO DO ON AIR EP.44..."We told you to play the drums, but you're playing with our hearts...!"🥁🥁 MOA's BPM reaching 943 and beyond...! Are you sure this is ok???💖 Legend has it that MOA needs two hearts instead of one to...TAEHYUN! it looks like you are staring at me... (Oh oh, goodbye my delusion👋) Let's go meet TXT!🥰 TO DO ON AIR EP. 43 See you all on Wednesday, 9 PM (KST) on Weverse!🕘🔥Impossible is a word not to be found in the dictionary of MOA!!🔥 Tell us about your passion and doing the impossible just like TXT!🔥 "How far did you go to watch TO DO on time?" For example, "I st...📢 Hey MOA! 📢 Do you remember going roller-skating with SOOBIN and TAEHYUN...? Two boys teaching us kindly how to roller-skate...💘 Watch TO DO ON AIR EP. 42 and dive into the memories of our school...⌛Back TO DO The 70s & 80s!⌛ Let's hop in the time machine and go back in time!🚀 The boys looking like handsome💕 high school boys waving at me saying hello🏫 with a smile from the back row...😉 Let's...Q. TXT members are gathered here. Guess who and why! Hint: 🐿🐰🐱💡🔌😭👀 By the way... YEONJUN... With your eyes open so round...👀 You make it hard for us to look at the screen...🙈 It feels like ou...Bet no one knew that opening a door was something this good-looking...🤭 The Key-mmelier TAEHYUN, the expert lockpicker🗝 He's out to lockpick his way to MOA's hearts…💘 (Though MOA's hearts for TAEYH...TOMORROW X TOGETHER 와 MOA가 함께해 더욱 빛났던 SHINE X TOGETHER!✨ MOA가 준비한 서프라이즈 이벤트 공개 현장! 감동 모아🥰, 눈물 모아😭, 사랑 모아💖 모두 모인 그 순간을 지금 공개합니다! 같이 확인하러 갈 MOA!?🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 늘 같은 자리에서 TOMORROW X TOGETHER를 빛내...Gotta work out while watching TO DO! ... So I said to myself... Actually... we only watched the members working out🤫 ⭐TO DO ON AIR EP. 40⭐ 9 PM on Wednesday (KST) Join us on Weverse!🕘📢For MOA📢 At-home workout by TXT💕 To see how hard it is, read SOOBIN's review below. 🔥This workout is not healing us, but killing us🔥 ⭐TO DO EP. 40 ⭐ Monday, 9 PM (KST) on Weverse! Watch TO DO an...⭐TXT's Restaurant Closed Today⭐ Wanna know why??? Because every minute, every second is just so precious thinking about MOA around the world😜 Watch TO DO ON AIR EP. 39 on Wednesday, 9 PM (KST) on We...Of course! Everything HUENINGKAI cooks up is delicious!👨‍🍳 We're already full just by looking at the food😉 Ah... Guess this place was THE place to eat... You know... The staff here are all good-loo...OMG...💕 Never seen them so serious like that!!! With the neck veins sticking out🔥 BEOMGYU and HUENINGKAI are giving their all! "Beat BEOMGYU!" Only on TO DO ON AIR!🔎 How will the 4-versus-1 thigh w...The weekend is finally over... 💦 Hands up if there's anyone who couldn't wait for Monday...🖐🖐 Well, we've been waiting for today for so long!!!! Because... Monday is when we get to watch TO DO!💕 S...밸런타인데이 서프라이즈로 TXT가 MOA들을 위해 준비한 ‘하굣길’ Official MV 잘 보았나요? 💝 ‘하굣길' Official MV 속 MOA들의 최애 순간은 언제예요? 제 최애 순간은.. 0:00~3:16까지요! 😝 MOA들이 가장 설렜던 순간을 캡처해서 #Way_Home 과 함께 Feed에 공유해 주세요! 그 설레었던 순간을 함께 이야기해보아...💌May all the fortune be with you in 2021💌 Happy Lunar New Year!😊 Let's start the holidays with TXT!💕 LOVE YOU TXT! TOGETHER FOREVER TXT!🐰🦊🐻🐿🐧 Watch cute TAEHYUN gaming😝 in TO DO ON AIR at 9 ...Driving MOA... crazy....⭐ Seeing BEOMGYU... Takes our heartbeat to the danger zone!💘 NO BEOMGYU, NO PARTY!!!🥰 Anyways! What in the world happened to BEOMGYU?!!😱 See y'all at 9 PM on Monday (KST) wi...MOA를 위한 투모로우바이투게더의 달콤한 발렌타인 서프라이즈들을 틱톡에서 확인하세요! #BeMyValentine 💖🎁 (2/5 ~ 2/14) --- Check out TOMORROW X TOGETHER's special Valentine's Day surprises for MOA! #BeMyValentine on TikTok 💖🎁 (Feb 5 - F...Wait, 3,000 times more...?? Dancing to that song where you keep jumping for 3 minutes and 50 seconds without a trampoline...? Guess YEONJUN's reaction!! 1) Starts dancing abruptly 🕺 2) Stares at the ...Already excited just thinking of watching TO DO💖 Just got carried away there... 😉 Will BEOMGYU & TAEHYUN's alliance succeed?? Guess who came first!!! 👇👇👇In the comments!👇👇👇 See y'all at 9 PM o..."Hands up if you love TAEHYUN!" Apparently everyone on earth did🖐 and earth🌏 turned into a porcupine curled up in a ball...🦔 These scenes that will get your heart beating...💕🥰💕 You can watch mor...Everyday with SOOBIN is just like a scene from a movie! Today, I feel like I wanna be a goldfish🐟 A fantasy movie! 🧚🧚‍♂ Wait, hold up! It's an action movie. Watching SOOBIN gets my heart racing💘 a...A heart from HUENING!❤️ A smile from YEONJUN!😊👋 To all MOA who love TO DO, Be with us until 9,435,539,435,539,435th anniversary!🎉 See y'all at 9 PM on Wednesday (KST) with TO DO ON AIR on Weverse! ...What????? It's the last day??? It better not be the last day of TO DO!!!!!😱 Only one in the world, special~🎶 This world where we meet TXT is beautiful~🥰 See y'all at 9 PM on Monday (KST) with TO DO...