TOMORROW X TOGETHER Community Posts - Mr.Beomgyu: "Focus! Here are the questions." 🔔TO DO Quiz Show🔔 We can't wait for Monday to arrive thanks to quiz time with the TXT-eachers...⏳ Then, while waiting for TO DO EP.62 how about we try q

Dec 10, 2021

Mr.Beomgyu: "Focus! Here are the questions." 🔔TO DO Quiz Show🔔 We can't wait for Monday to arrive thanks to quiz time with the TXT-eachers...⏳ Then, while waiting for TO DO EP.62 how about we try q

⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.59 PREVIEW⭐ "Who just made a noise...?" But MOA, don't ~make some noise~! Instead... everyone go WARI WARI in the comments! The 5 officers were REALLY! TOTALLY! SO! SUPER! AMAZING!!...To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the To_Art...⭐TODAY'S TIMETABLE⭐ 📍Lesson 1: HUENINGology 📍Lesson 2: Principles of YEONJUN 📍Lesson 3: Understanding SOOBIN 📍Lesson 4: Introduction to BEOMGYU 📍Lesson 5: The World in TAEHYUN's Eyes Time for cla...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.58 PREVIEW⭐ After eating the cotton candy, Beomgyu (mbti: ENFJ) got disappointed and said "This just tastes like sugar"😢 Then what would Taehyun (mbti: ESTP) say to him?🐿 1) Sounds ...MO-Hi! ✋ Ppulverse, here! 🚌 Are you crying tears of joy with Ppulverse right now?😭 5 million TXT Weverse MOA?!! Already??!!💛💛 5 million strong MOA! Let’s be happy forever cheering TXT together💕 L...Hi MOAs!😊 The members, who became police officers in the previous episode🚨🚔 are now making our hearts skip a beat again with this cute thumbnail!! So excited for their skit on EP.60 already!!!😻 Af...The very marksman who hit the center of our heart was....!🏹 BEOMGYU🧸💘 What TXT song do you think would fit him in this picture the most??🎵 'Fairy of Shampoo'? 'Blue Orangeade'? Let us know which ...⭐Behind-the-scene of the 1 night and 2 days in Gapyeong⭐ This trip was all planned by the TXT members! Then.. shall we check out if everything worked out well as planned?! Watching the members having ...Wherever we are, the TO DO police officers will be there for us, MOA!🏃 💗5 officers at TO DO Village Police Station💗 🐰🦊🧸🐿🐧 Officers!!📞 How can we get to the TO DO Village?🔭 We'll be waiting f...A watch is a watch⌚ What MOA have been waiting for! TO DO TIME~! 😎 BEOMGYU's Random Game!🎉 Out of six Americanos one is actually...a soy sauce + salt Americano?!😂 Who will end up drinking the soy ...🎉 1st Japanese EP Album 『Chaotic Wonderland』🎉 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Ikuta Lilas [Japanese Ver.] MV is now up! This Japanese version is so full of charm that's distinctly unique that..."Remember? The day we first met!"🎶💙 🎉TO DO IS BACK 🎉 It's been a while MOA-gings!😉 Does everyone remember the day they first met TO DO??💭 While we all think back to the day we first met TO DO h...Mo-hi!✋ It’s Ppulverse!🚌 Busy, busy, so much to do! MOA it’s no! time! to sit! back! and relax right now Voting for the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards has begun😱 Wait, you all knew it already?😅 Oh~r...The expressions + stares are all perfect....⭐ TXT's Rule of Posing😉💖 You can watch TXT looking super cool and professional in Talk Today Behind!🥰 MOA, after seeing TXT's poses are there any you'd l...📢Dear MOA📢 Did you have a good time with <ACT: BOY>??💕 Reminiscing over the <ACT: BOY> 💭, share with us your thoughts about the concert! Sharing is caring and it makes the happy memories last long...💌TXT FIRST SOLO CONCERT ANTICIPATION💌 "This song NEEDS to be included..⭐" Share your personal dream setlists🎤 and supportive messages for the members💖 with the hashtag!💌 #ACTBOY_TXT  Make sure to...Hi! MOA-gingㅎㅎㅎ Talk Today Behind is on Wednesday~ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Apparently in the Behind you can see the members themselves writing the Talk Today captions! ㅎㅎㅎ > 3 < Everyone's excited for the members being p...MO-hi-! 👋🏻 Ppulverse is back 🚎🚎 Did you all miss me? >3< Really? If you mean it~ The reason I’m back with our MOA is! *Drumroll* 🥁🥁 “MOA ask TOMORROW X TOGETHER!” With the album promotions comin...📢The talk of the town: HYBE outlaw 📢 After HYBE outlaws swiped over the office, rumor has it that employees hum 'LO$ER=LO♡ER' all day every day..! "I’m a loser I’m a loser~💕crying crying~🎤" It’s n...🎨 Photocard decorating challenge with TXT!!!🎨 Dear MOA! Dubaddu!!!! (Wari Wari~~~)📣 Did you enjoy the ‘Decorating photocards’ video by TXT?? 🥰 Why don’t MOA also decorate 'The Chaos Chapter : FIGH...💝 TXT came back 💝 The new song ‘LO$ER = LO♡ER’ is finally released! 😉 "I'm a lover~~ohoh↗" "I'm a lover~~ohoh↘" (From the intro)The melody drums up our hearts…!💖 Catchy lyrics that we hum without...MO-hi! 🖐 Ppulverse is here, long time no see!🚌🚌 Dubaddu wari wari🎶 Dubaddu wari wari🎵 You’ve all listened to “Exchange Diary”, right? (If any of our MOA didn’t… Ppulverse will never forgive you >...⭐MV Teaser 2 release⭐ Share with us ‘the song that MOA expects the most’ while waiting for a comeback 🎧 and ‘a message of support toward TXT members’ 💘 with the hashtag #MOA_MESSAGES📝 💖COMING SOON...⭐MV Teaser 1 release⭐ Share with us ‘the song that MOA expects the most’ while waiting for a comeback 🎧 and ‘a message of support toward TXT members’ 💘 with the hashtag #MOA_MESSAGES📝 🐰[Teaser] SO...⭐TXT Album Preview release⭐ Words fail to describe how perfect everything is with this album…! TXT is the very definition of excellence!!✨ Which song do you anticipate the most, after watching TXT Alb...Imagine calling out "Excuse me..! I think you dropped something..." And then ... ta-da!✨ In slow-motion ... YEONJUN turns around🦊 What TO DO or TXT moments made your heart skip a beat??💘 We want to...⭐️Channel MOA Part 1 Behind!⭐️ TAEHYUN seems to be having fun with this concept! Attempting a poem for TAEHYUN...✍️ His cape is red / his jeans are blue MOA are so happy / to watch TAEHYUN on TO DO!!!...MOA serotonin levels while watching TO DO = 100%!!!🔋 Apparently this week's TO DO! Features a bunch of quizzes!🤓 So after watching TO DO Let's try ⭐️TXT Quizzes for MOA, by MOA!⭐️ Share your own f...Wait a minute!! That pose....!!!!!! For MOAs who are constantly re-watching TXT videos - you can tell what dance this is just by seeing the pose right??😜 Let us know in the comments below! Sigh........💕Introducing 'Channel MOA' ... a new TO DO concept!!💕 A channel featuring programs ONLY with TXT??👀 Now MOAs have all the more chances to see just how charming TXT are!!🥰 Everyone, when do you fin...Available on this week's Behind ... the Mafia game!! What was BEOMGYU's role?🔎👀 a) Innocent civilian⭐ b) Mr. Charisma Mafia🧸 c) MOA-lover💘 (ahem) The answer may or may not already be decided (ahe...POV: MOAs standing in front of the open freezer🧊 Reason: a) It's too hot out🌞 b) Looking for ice cream🍦 c) Cooling down our hearts💕 bc they are BURNING with love for TXT💙 after seeing this week's...How can someone look this good while playing a sport..🦊💕 YEONJUN's pose makes him look like 'an angel who one day appeared'🎶😇 We thought that we 'won't be able to get into heaven'🎶 but thanks to ...TXT leader CHOI SOOBIN is blown away due to which of the following scenarios? a) Witnessing BEOMGYU&YEONJUN's card skills🃏 b) Reading MOA's simping on Weverse💕 c) Witnessing HUENING eating chicken s...COOKING CLASS WITH YEONJUN & BEOMGYU👨‍🍳 Anyone can learn to cook ... right?? Baeksuk = perfect summer pick-me-up food!❤‍🔥 Chef YEONJUN's baeksuk will give us enough energy to make it through 100 ye...BEOMGYU is super serious about kite flying🧸 as long as I have wind and a green kite I can go anywhere! 🏃‍♂️🪁 TO DO is overflowing with cuteness🥰 I gather my energy from a weekly dose of TO DO!!💙 ...⭐TXT is the on1y shining gold⭐ A remix of 0X1=LOVESONG <0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Seori> Did y’all like the remix??🥰 I jumped up and down in excitement and danced a...What is MOA’s sparkling✨ “Magic”? I! Wanna! Know! 💙 It can be an unexpected moment in an ordinary boring old day, or a memory of a time spent with TOMORROW X TOGETHER! Or! Friends, songs, pictures, ...🎁TO DO came back like a present🎁 For the first time in TO DO history, TXT hit the road for a 2-day Teamwork Trip!!🚗 You can tell this episode is legendary just by the looks of members!!!😉 What’s y...⭐MOAs’ the on1y shining gold ⭐ TXT and MOA are enchanting this world with MAGIC✨ these days 🎉 Please express your longing hearts💖 waiting for TO DO ON AIR, using the lyrics from FREEZE📝 Is it A.M. ...