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📺TO DO EP.81 is now available (Released Monday, June 6th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!📢TO DO EP.81 PREVIEW📢 Getting more fun and excitement as the episodes go on😆 How can we wait until Monday...?! While waiting for TO DO, let us know what moment you think was the best from <HYBE Off...📺TO DO EP.80 is now available (Released Monday, May 30th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!📢TO DO EP.80 PREVIEW📢 MOA-ging! Shall we get started?! TO DO is finally back with more fun episodes!🙌🏻 HYBE Office Attack by TXT😎 where we can watch their overtime experience(?) in the office and...MO-Hi!✋ It's PPULVERSE!🚌 How’s the TOMORROW X TOGETHER minisode 2: Thursday’s Child album logo paper toy PPULVERSE made with tiny PPUL-hands?✌👀 What’s that? It’s just perfect? Oh, really?😌 I’m so c...MOA Hi!✋ It's Ppulverse here!🚌 Just ditch it all good boys gone bad... *rewind* Just ditch it all good boys gone bad... *rewind* Just ditch it all good boys gone bad... *rewind* Just ditch it all goo...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.79 is now available (Released Wednesday, April 27th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!MO-hi!✋ It's Ppulverse, here!🚌 Wow... TOMORROW X TOGETHER... They've already taken over the entire month of May!!🙃 Seriously... They're the best group in the world...👍 MESS. END. HATE... Flawless ...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.79 PREVIEW⭐ A surprise birthday party on set🥳 and even a touching special event! Whose birthday party was it?🎂 Don't miss out on behind-the-scenes footage available only on TO DO ON...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.78 is now available (Released Wednesday, April 20th, 9PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.78 PREVIEW⭐ MOA-gings~ㅎㅎ Ready to watch TO DO ON AIR?? Shall we begin...?⭐️ Don't miss out on behind-the-scenes footage available only on TO DO ON AIR!💝 📅 Wednesday, April 20th, 9 P...MO-hi!✋ Ppulverse here~🚌 Aengdu-burger?? Aengdu-burger!!! 🥳❤‍🔥🐰🦊🧸🐿🐧💕✨‼‼ FINALLY our TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s comeback is in motion!!!🎊🤭🎉 Ppulverse’s favorite day of the week is Thursday from...📺 TO DO ON AIR EP.77 is now available (Released Wednesday, April 13th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.77 PREVIEW⭐ From the members happily singing and dancing in between takes to Huening's extreme close-up!🐧 Don't miss out on behind-the-scenes footage available only on TO DO ON AIR!...📺 TO DO EP.79 is now available (Released Monday, April 11th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TO DO EP.79 SNEAK PEEK💝 "But in order to eat, you must win against the production crew!" Unfolding in the internet cafe TXT VS. PRODUCTION CREW Don't miss out on the blazing gaming battle!🔥 They'...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.76 is now available (Released Wednesday, April 6th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.76 PREVIEW⭐ Amazing chemistry displayed by 🐰 🧸 If you wanna see behind-the-scenes Team S.B.G Soobin&Beomgyu content! Check out TO DO ON AIR EP.76💝 MOA won't let the chance to see o...📺TO DO EP.78 is now available (Released Monday, April 4th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TO DO EP.78 SNEAK PEEK💝 If you're curious about Team S.B.G's whole pork belly steak.. Over here~! This way, pay attention! How did the members' react after trying Soobin&Beomgyu's whole pork belly ...📺 TO DO ON AIR EP.75 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 30th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.75 PREVIEW⭐ For everyone missing TXT, all at once DUBADDU!!! WARI WARI~~📢 MOA, when are you most missing the members?🥰 Just as fun as the original episode! A way to see the members...📺TO DO EP.77 is now available (Released Monday, March 28th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TO DO EP.77 SNEAK PEEK💝 🐿Taehyun: "The entire first part was a lie!" Did everyone have fun watching the previous EP.76?🤣 The epic.plot.twist. ending only left us with questions! All the secrets b...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.74 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 23rd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.74 PREVIEW⭐ Looks like everyone will need sunglasses..😎 Soobin's shining so bright it's hard to see properly.🐰 If you want to see the behind the scenes moments of Kitty-X-T!😻 TO DO...MO-Hi!✋ Ppulverse here~🚌 MOA~ What’s your background for your online lectures and video conferences!?🤔 TOMORROW X TOGETHER created virtual backgrounds for our MOA ~😍🖍❤ With these backgrounds, MOA...📺TO DO EP.76 is now available (Released Monday, March 21st, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP 76 SNEAK PEEK💝 Just to make yummy dishes for the members TAEHYUN has become a chef for the day!👨‍🍳 YAY~~ What kind of dishes will be waiting...!👀 MOA-gings! Thanks to Taehyun's Weverse p...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.73 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 16th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.73 PREVIEW⭐ Are you ready to watch TO DO ON AIR with glowy Beomgyu? Our MOA won't be able to just pass by this thumbnail! Carpe diem~! Content just as fun as the original ep Watch TO...📺TO DO EP.75 is now available (Released Monday, March 14th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 75 SNEAK PEEK💝 4EVA MOA~! Hey Forever MOA! Let's enter the arena of logic-backed suspicions together!!🤣 Just by looking at the members' expressions can you figure out how the "Donate and...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.72 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 9th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.72 PREVIEW⭐ Yeonjun_looking_for_MOA.jpg MOA-ging! Here, it's here! Behind the scenes moments that are just as fun as the original ep You can check them out in TO DO ON AIR EP.72! 📅 W...📺TO DO EP.74 is now available (Released Monday, March 7th, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 74 SNEAK PEEK💝 TXT's cuteness jumped out of the thumbnail and shot straight into our hearts🏹 Mafia Game with the five Kitty-X-T cuties😻 MOA who are curious about who the mafia is, gather...MOA, Hi-! ✋ It's PPULVERSE!🚌 Everyone! It's been 3 years since TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted!🥳🎉 (Emotional & Touched🥺💚) PPULVERSE's heart is beating 190304 times a second right now... .❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍...💌Enjoying MOA X TOGETHER at 190304%💌 It's finally time for the 2022 TXT FANLIVE! Let's share how to enjoy the event to its full potential with everyone! ⭐ Waiting for the concert ⭐ 📍What are you m...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.71 is now available (Released Wednesday, March 2nd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.71 PREVIEW⭐ The last episode kept MOA on the edge of their seats!👀 For behind-the-scenes moments that are just as fun as the main episode, check out TO DO ON AIR EP.71😍 📅 Wednesday...📺TO DO EP.73 is now available (Released Monday, February 28th, 9 PMT) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 73 SNEAK PEEK💝 Steal or get stolen, that is the question Which Spring Fairy candidate will be the final winner after this endless chase?🧚‍♂️ Thanks to the awe-inspiring outfits💝 there ar...📺TO DO ON AIR EP.70 is now available (Released Wednesday, February 23rd, 9 PM KST) Watch with Weverse!⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.70 PREVIEW⭐ Everyone looking at this thumbnail! 👥 You might have thought hey! Is this heaven??✨ ....but actually this is still reality.😅 Beomgyu's cuteness played with our MOA-ging'...📺TO DO X TXT - EP.72 is now available (Released Monday, February 21st, 9 PM (KST) Watch with Weverse!💝TODO EP. 72 SNEAK PEEK💝 CELEBRATION TIME🎉 The "World's Best Spring Fairy Contest" has opened!🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️ The one and only title👑 We wonder..who will become the 2022 Spring Fairy?? It's impossible ...MO-Hi!✋ It’s Ppulverse~🚌 Tada~ MOAs! What do you think of my clay artwork?🥰 You can’t tell what I made? Oh, really?🤔 Our talented TOMORROW X TOGETHER members made clay artworks, too!💕 Aren’t you ...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.69 PREVIEW⭐ Someone in the cafe is exercising with a chair...? Muscly Squirrel Taehyun can't stand the thought of losing his muscles🐿 From intense workouts between takes🏋 to huddlin...💝TODO EP. 71 SNEAK PEEK💝 Last person to leave work: "I will make sure to win next time!🏆" Warning that this episode may make your cheeks hurt from smiling🤣🚨 Based on the quote, which member was t...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.68 PREVIEW⭐ Yeonjun: "I'm the hot guy of Yongsan-gu, so it's okay" Whether it's fashion😎 Singing. Dancing.🕺 Yongsan-gu Hot Guys TXT are perfect in every way and MOA "want to sink in...💝 TODO EP.70 SNEAK PEEK 💝 Is this a game for leaving work...! Or is it a game for working late..! Which member will leave work first?🔎 But really... oh gosh that thumbnail ...🥰 TXT's smiles are br...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.67 PREVIEW⭐ MOA-ging: I'm here for the "Rule of KPOP" class!📚 Lecturer Soobin has fallen asleep(?) from studying KPOP so passionately🐰 📌Lecturer Soobin's credentials: 36th Music Ba...📢 TODO EP. 69 SNEAK PEEK 📢 Hold your hearts as they might explode.. due to TXT's next-level charm💘 Time to see the members' acting skills! TO DO Skits just for MOA😎 'From STAR to BARISTA...⭐' Her...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.66 PREVIEW⭐ 💌This thumbnail exceeds the maximum adorableness limit💌 The world's one and only bunny-bear Beomgyu🧸 Korean traditional scholar Soobin😎 and of course, WARI WARI Family...💝 TODO EP. 68 SNEAK PEEK 💝 In this episode, TXT's become baristas☕ Ahem!! Where can we find this cafe!!! We want to meet the amazing baristas...⭐ MOA's drink of choice is Iced Latte. ICED because i...MO-Hi!✋ Ppulverse, here! 🚌 I’m here to take a light trip to the MOA Only ZONE with our MOA! MOA Only ZONE was so much fun this year, too 🥰⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.65 예고⭐ THUMBNAIL CAPTION Taehyun: Apparently he has less than three months... While we wait for TO DO ON AIR..let's try and solve this ~nonsense~ riddle! Question: What does Taehyun m...💝 TODO EP. 67 SNEAK PEEK 💝 TXT is deeply passionate about their art and wholly committed to beautifully decorating each other's outfits.🎨 It's okay if you're not an ~artist~! MOA, while waiting fo...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.64 SNEAK PEEK⭐ Thumbnail caption: "Dizzy" ❣ Announcement - Caption Challenge for MOA ❣ A caption challenge just for fun, just for MOA🤩 while waiting for TO DO ON AIR! Why is Yeonjun ...💝 TODO EP. 66 SNEAK PEEK 💝 Street Birthday Photo Fighter! Each member of TXT getting pics in whatever(?) outfit they want📸 So cool so cool!! Our poppin' stars!✨ This is the content MOA likes to see...MO-Hi! ✋ Ppulverse is here! 🚌 Ppulverse is still basking in the wonderfulness that was the 2022 Weverse Con on December 31 2022 Weverse Con🥺✨ You too!? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Really?😗 I heard TOMORROW...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.63 SNEAK PEEK⭐ TXT is super focused on building gingerbread houses and MOA are super focused on watching TO DO🥰 All the behind-the-scenes moments from the original episode are right ...💝TO DO EP. 65 SNEAK PEEK💝 HAPPY NEW YEAR MOA! 🌅 Let's start off 2022 on a high note with TO DO! TO DO celebrating its 2nd Birthday! 🎂 MOA, how about we write messages for TO DO? Send birthday wish...MO-Hi! ✋ Ppulverse is here! 🚌 It’s already the last day of 2021! I can’t believe we can see our TOMORROW X TOGETHER perform this special day!!🥰 What a delightful end of the year💕 You’re already loo...💖Did everyone have a good time with TO DO in 2021??💖 Every Monday and Wednesday at 9 PM (KST)🕘 TO DO was responsible for our positive vibes and healing✨ Which episodes did you enjoy the most from T...💌 How to enjoy 2022 Weverse Con [NEW ERA] concert to the fullest 💌 Here's a pro tip for welcoming in the new year 🌅 while enjoying 2022 Weverse Con [NEW ERA] concert on Weverse!🎤 ⭐ Before the Conc...💝 TODO EP.64 SNEAK PEEK 💝 Playing with TOMORROW X TOGETHER's hearts! Gift Exchange Game! Will everyone get the gift they want?!🎁 They're so funny... you might be in tears..😂 CRYING~CRYING~CRYING~...MO-Hi!✋ Tada!! Ppulverse, here! 🚌 I’m here ‘cause I wanted to get closer to our MOA😆 Our MOA wanted to see me up close too, you say? Oh, really? Aw, that’s our MOA 😘❤ I want to be even better frie...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.61 PREVIEW⭐ x-axis...'re not quite sure...what the function is... thing we ARE sure about is our world revolves around🌏 the person standing in front of the b...💝TO DO EP.63 PREVIEW💝 MOA! Not much is left of 2021! ⏳ Is everyone wrapping up the year nicely?! Let's have a virtual year-end party with TXT!🎉 And a party's not a party without... presents!! The q...Seeing Officer Yeonjun oozing charisma👮‍♂️🦊 makes us think of TXT's charisma-filled performances! What are the TOP 5 Charismatic TXT Moments chosen by MOA?📢 ⬇Share in the comments below⬇ Performanc...Mr.Beomgyu: "Focus! Here are the questions." 🔔TO DO Quiz Show🔔 We can't wait for Monday to arrive thanks to quiz time with the TXT-eachers...⏳ Then, while waiting for TO DO EP.62 how about we try q...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.59 PREVIEW⭐ "Who just made a noise...?" But MOA, don't ~make some noise~! Instead... everyone go WARI WARI in the comments! The 5 officers were REALLY! TOTALLY! SO! SUPER! AMAZING!!...To_Artist Hashtag Guidelines If you've tried using the To_Artist hashtag and couldn't find your post(s) in the Feed - don't worry! To make sure the Artists can see your messages, posts with the To_Art...⭐TODAY'S TIMETABLE⭐ 📍Lesson 1: HUENINGology 📍Lesson 2: Principles of YEONJUN 📍Lesson 3: Understanding SOOBIN 📍Lesson 4: Introduction to BEOMGYU 📍Lesson 5: The World in TAEHYUN's Eyes Time for cla...⭐TO DO ON AIR EP.58 PREVIEW⭐ After eating the cotton candy, Beomgyu (mbti: ENFJ) got disappointed and said "This just tastes like sugar"😢 Then what would Taehyun (mbti: ESTP) say to him?🐿 1) Sounds ...MO-Hi! ✋ Ppulverse, here! 🚌 Are you crying tears of joy with Ppulverse right now?😭 5 million TXT Weverse MOA?!! Already??!!💛💛 5 million strong MOA! Let’s be happy forever cheering TXT together💕 L...Hi MOAs!😊 The members, who became police officers in the previous episode🚨🚔 are now making our hearts skip a beat again with this cute thumbnail!! So excited for their skit on EP.60 already!!!😻 Af...The very marksman who hit the center of our heart was....!🏹 BEOMGYU🧸💘 What TXT song do you think would fit him in this picture the most??🎵 'Fairy of Shampoo'? 'Blue Orangeade'? Let us know which ...⭐Behind-the-scene of the 1 night and 2 days in Gapyeong⭐ This trip was all planned by the TXT members! Then.. shall we check out if everything worked out well as planned?! Watching the members having ...Wherever we are, the TO DO police officers will be there for us, MOA!🏃 💗5 officers at TO DO Village Police Station💗 🐰🦊🧸🐿🐧 Officers!!📞 How can we get to the TO DO Village?🔭 We'll be waiting f...A watch is a watch⌚ What MOA have been waiting for! TO DO TIME~! 😎 BEOMGYU's Random Game!🎉 Out of six Americanos one is actually...a soy sauce + salt Americano?!😂 Who will end up drinking the soy ...🎉 1st Japanese EP Album 『Chaotic Wonderland』🎉 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Ikuta Lilas [Japanese Ver.] MV is now up! This Japanese version is so full of charm that's distinctly unique that..."Remember? The day we first met!"🎶💙 🎉TO DO IS BACK 🎉 It's been a while MOA-gings!😉 Does everyone remember the day they first met TO DO??💭 While we all think back to the day we first met TO DO page