Oct 12, 2021

It's SOOBIN🐰Concert's LingerFirst Concert D-5 !!MOA I Missed YouBreak Universe Radio: Revised?!It's Been A While We Have Done a Workplace🐰🐧It's been awhile againIt's Been A While🐿YEONJUN's Birthday🦊 (BEOMGYU's Birthday🥳)This is SOOBINHUENINGKAI is HereUntil Now...Happy 2nd Birthday, MOA🥳🥳Wrapping up Week 0 activities...20-year old HUENING 🐧🦊Choi 3 🦊🐰🐻We said we should see each other...While August StartsYou Waited, Right?🦊This Time Real Talk!!!Did you receive the gift well? 🐿I'm revealing it🐧Beginning of MonsoonIt's Hot, Right?CHOI SOOBIN Updates + K-Pop Talk 🐰🎤COMEBACK <Rule of Dance>Celebrating Last Activity 🧊💫Finishing Second Week of Activities 🧊MOA❤Ending the weekCOMEBACK D+1 Live! TXT 🧊 FREEZE SHOW 🧊Long time, no see😊Playing All Songs🧊🌹Who knows how to make perfume~🐿🐧🌹The Return of HUENINGKAI's the Essence of Instruments🐧🎹Choi Choi Choi🧊Delicious Lunch With Taehyun🐿Workshop Time : 💐💡Break The Universe, Science Time💡Follow along, like me!Hi Moa 🦊Chicken Killer Choi Beomgyu🍗Soobin!Eating a snack after planting a treeTypical Interaction Time🐧Workshop Time : Drawing CharactersCongrats☆First Voice ONLY☆This is Yeonjun🦊I'm here in a carefree way