Jul 14, 2021

Long GreetingsA short greetingIt was a V LIVE before getting of work (forreal)퇴근 전 v라이뷰였던 것퇴근 전 V라이뷰Let's go calmly on this hot Sunday😌Heon's Late Night Radio 💜😍Who wants to come to my V LIVE😋✌️An odd time for V LIVE🕖💜HAPPY YONGSEUNG DAY🤍The weather on my way off work is so nice👍982 Well Matched Contest (Feat.🍯)It's a 982 well-matched battle🍪 Yeonho's Singing Class🎤 #5Let's play with Kangmin on the way home👍Welcome Back, 98🐲Heoni's Night Radio💜🌝Good Weather 😋💜🤍Minchan Comeback💜🤍💜HAPPY YEONHO DAY🤍Tired HeheHeoni's Late Night Radio💜🌝☁️Fresh Friday With the Youngest Members☁️Kangmin Going Home Dehumidifying Fairy Yongseung😌🎵Heoni's Weekend Radio💜🔥💜HAPPY GYEHYEON DAY D-1🤍I'm on my way home so let's talk💜🤍Let's get to know VERIVERY's tastes!! :)Today is Children's Day. Honey's Night Radio 💜🤍오늘은 어린이날 허니의 심야라디오💜🤍Video Call with Kangmin 💙 #3100즈의 수준높은 음감회 #7-3 (여름아 좀만 기다려)00즈의 수준높은 음감회 #7-2 (여름아 좀만 기다려)00즈의 수준높은 음감회🌱 #7 (부제목 : 여름아 좀만 기다려)Heon's Dinner Radio💜🔥Video Call With Kangmin💙 #30Party of Madness Tonight #2You thought it was over, huh?💜🔥Please don't get disconnected🍕Dinner after getting off work on Monday🍕나른한 일요일 나른한 브이앱😌We're eating Baedduck, so watch if you want toVideo Call with Kangmin💙 #29I came because I missed VERRER✌️It's raining and I missed you😘