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뮤지컬22년2개월막공했어욥퇴근 후 택운할레오!안녕난요정이야배고픈데뭐먹지힝..오늘무대너무아쉬워폭식할거야그리고다음엔잘할거다약속오늘 하루는 어땠어~? 붕어빵 계란빵 먹방오늘하루는어땠어?오랜만에공연그리고위버스황올치콜안녕나는깡통이야안녕나는째하니얌☺️안녕☺️애기는사랑그잡채💛안녕위라수고했어오늘도💛공연쟌 가는길뮤지컬 다시 동물원 재밌고 슬프다 ㅜ ㅜ뮤지컬 다시 동물원 너무 슬프다ㅜㅜㅜ안녕 나는 재환이야뮤지컬첫공은아니지만여운이있으므로집가면서짧게💛[레오] 524 to my museVIXX 11th Anniversary🌟[레오] 524 릴레이 - anniv.11[N] 524 릴레이 - 안녕, 별빛!?[KEN] 524 릴레이 - JSH💛[HYUK]524 릴레이 - 굿나잇🎉HAPPY KEN DAY❤️쟌2뭐해?HappyKenDay❤️오늘 1주년💛우린 늘 그랬듯이 별빛과 같이 갈게Gonna Be Alright⭐️Gonna Be Alright⭐️애기들은보시오💛헷오늘인간의법정첫공했는데떨려죽는줄바로앞에애기들있어서우헹헹예뻐울애기들진짜어쩌면좋을까요머지않아울애기보러갈텐데요~~~~~~헤헤LEO 잘 놀아따!!I Am Recording A Song With Composer Yunseok Today. Song Is A Secret But I Wanted To Show My FaceToday is the day where I record my cover song but I wanted to talk to my babies beforeToday is our 99th day today..Did you forget..I only waited for today when are we seeing each otherForthetiredpeopleIpreparedasongReceivehealing💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛playpianoandsinggogoVIXX10thAnniEatingAloneAfterExerciseWillEatMostlyProteinCongratsOn10YearsLoveUThankUMissYouBeHealthyIt's been awhile, STARLIGHT🌟🎂HAPPY KEN DAY #EatingSomethingOnKEN'sBirthdayIt'sTheWeekendSoYouCan'tJustSleepYouCan'tAfterSeeingMyPhotoIShouldSingSoftSongsLet'sStartILoveYouYou know we are breaking up today right..? Hurry up because I have something to tell you.. You know.IReallyMissYouToday~TellKenYourWorries~~IfYouSkippedDinnerTonightEatBeforehand~ButIsItBedtime..?HehHAPPY WHITE DAY🍭🍬I'm still here❤️Lastshowtodayㅜㅜsosadㅜㅜsadwannadoitagainㅜㅜallthestaffㅜㅜleftw/osayinganythingㅜㅜbabiesyoudidwelltooㅜㅜToday's Day Show Was So Hard, Now It's Beginning, Let's Wait for Food, It's Good to Eat LittleIt's a mukbang VLIVE><but I've a show tomoㅜㅜㅜDinner'll be simpleㅜㅜㅜㅜLet's all enjoy!><Jaehwanhae£2Today is XCALIBUR 2nd performance, it's so different. Let's get better Jaehwan! Don't play!Did 1st show of Excalibur, happy & sad to see our babies, love you, miss you, just feel so happyㅜㅜㅜㅜSTARLIGHT, let's play together!!Happyleoday🤩I'm here where are you?I Came Back In Front of STARLIGHTHair cutcut✌️동백꽃 탄생일🌺First Snow ❄️KEN Ontact Live [인사]HAPPYHYUKDAY❤️HAPPY HYUK DAY🎂I am turning it on so I can see my babies for 10 more minutes~>< Tada!!!!Nose Nose Brothers!! VIXX 8th Anniversary! Really the Last!Nose Nose Brothers~~><VIXX 8th Anniversary~!!!!!Nose Nose Brothers~~~~><Again!!!8th Anniversary VIXX!!!!!!Nose Nose Brother's Chemistry! £2 VIXX's 8th Anniversary Live~><Eyes of Dawn - Hyun Dong Jin's Musical Debut❤️혁 겨울나비 깨어나기 25분 전🦋켄드라큘라 안녕🦇<마리 앙투아네트> 마지막 공연을 마치고.. 택르젠 안녕혁이의 사계절 완성😁 너의 밤은 아프지 않기를🍁창작의 고통에서 잠시 쉬러왔어횩 🤓빅스 페러렐콘서트를 끝내고 (조심히들어가요 별빛들)Dongseng Did Everything, Not LEO (VIXX's Dinner Gathering) 🤔켄피스토 빠염...ㅜ ㅜ힝way to you 공개를 앞두고🏖로맨티시즘으로 들어오세요~😊VIXX 7주년 524 릴레이 - 레오(LEO)VIXX 7주년 524 릴레이 - 홍빈VIXX 7주년 524 릴레이 - 라비 (본편)VIXX 7주년 524 릴레이 - 라비 (티저?)VIXX 7주년 524 릴레이 - 혁 (진정한 눕방)VIXX 7주년 524 릴레이 - 켄 (사&편....켄과 함께...)혁이의 봄, If Only🌸혁재구 막공🙏켄다니엘 안녕😭펩시 신곡 스포 방송룩북 끝!!라비 막방 대기실RAVI [R.OOK BOOK] 발매 한시간 전🔥잃어버린 마을(혁재구 연극데뷔날)😃RAVI - live(feat.청하) 6시 발매!!빅스 레오 정택운 엘리자벳 막공 브이앱별다섯❤❤❤❤❤혁이 솔로 만나기 1시간 전😁오랜만에 브이앱next page