Weeekly Community Posts - Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] Track List 2021. 03. 17 WED 6PM

Mar 9, 2021

Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] Track List 2021. 03. 17 WED 6PM

Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] Concept film 2021. 03. 17 WED 6PM β–Ά https://youtu.be/RU2MjwwfVzg #Weeekly #We_playThis week is Weeekly! Greetings to Daileee😊 Weeekly returns with the long-awaited 3rd Mini Album "We play"!πŸ’• You can see the members having a great time after school!🏫 From vivid, sporty street fa...Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] Concept Photo #2Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] Concept Photo #1Weeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] Scheduler 2021. 03. 17 WED 6PMWeeekly 3rd Mini Album [We play] 2021. 03. 17 WED 6PM[πŸͺ] μ•ˆλ…•πŸ‘‹ λ‚˜λŠ” 창쑰의 μ‹  β€˜λ„λ‚˜(DπŸͺNA)’! λ‹€λ“€ λ‚˜λ₯Ό 기닀렸닀ꡬ ~? 😝 먼데이가 지ꡬλ₯Ό κ΄€μ°°ν•˜λ©΄μ„œ 무엇을 λ°œκ²¬ν–ˆλŠ”μ§€ λ‹€λ“€ λˆˆμΉ˜μ±˜μ–΄? 멀버듀은 지ꡬ에 μ™œ μ™”μ„κΉŒ? 🧐🧐 λ„λ‚˜ν•œν…Œ λ§ν•΄μ€„λž˜? μ—λ„ˆμ§€ μΆ©μ „πŸ”‹πŸ”‹πŸ”‹ν•˜κ³  μ™”μœΌλ‹ˆκΉŒ κΆκΈˆν•œ 점 🧐 μ „λΆ€ 물어보라ꡬ‼ λ„λ‚˜κ°€ λŒ€λ‹΅ν•΄μ€„κ²Œ πŸ’‘ β–Ά 주제: The Weeekly Story + Weeekl...[πŸͺ] λ‹€λ“€ μ˜ˆμƒν•œλŒ€λ‘œ Universe πŸŒŒπŸ’žλŠ” νƒœμ–‘κ³„μ˜ μ›€μ§μž„κ³Ό ν–‰μ„±λ“€μ˜ 곡전/μžμ „ν•˜λŠ” λͺ¨μŠ΅μ„ νšŒμ „λͺ©λ§ˆ πŸŽ μ— λΉ„μœ ν•˜κ³  μžˆμ–΄~β€Ό 그럼 지ꡬ엔 데일리와 μœ„ν΄λ¦¬κ°€ μ‚΄κ³  μžˆλŠ”λ°βœπŸ’ž μˆ˜μ„±μ˜ 성주인 μ§€μœ€μ΄κ°€ μ™œ μ§€κ΅¬μ˜ λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰ μ†Œλ…€κ°€ 된 걸까? 🧐 멀버듀이 기얡을 μžƒμ€ 것과 관련이 μžˆλŠ”λ°..πŸ’­[πŸͺ] λ‹€λ“€ λ¨Όλ°μ΄πŸŒ™κ°€ μ§€κ΅¬μ˜ 문제λ₯Ό κ°€μž₯ λ¨Όμ € λ°œκ²¬ν–ˆλ‹€λŠ” 점을 λˆˆμΉ˜μ±˜λ„€β€Ό ν˜ΈκΈ°μ‹¬πŸ§μ΄ λ§Žμ€ λ‹¬μ˜ μ„±μ£Ό λ¨Όλ°μ΄λŠ” 지ꡬλ₯Ό κ΄€μ°°πŸ‘€πŸ”ν•˜λŠ” κ±Έ μ’‹μ•„ν–ˆμ–΄~! 그러던 μ–΄λŠ λ‚  지ꡬ별에 λ¬Έμ œκ°€ λ°œμƒν•œ 것을 깨달은 λ¨Όλ°μ΄πŸŒ™κ°€ νƒœμ–‘κ³„λ₯Ό κ΄€μž₯ν•˜λŠ” μˆ˜μ§„β˜€μ΄μ—κ²Œ 이 사싀을 μ•Œλ Έμ§€ πŸ”Š[πŸͺ] λ¨Όλ°μ΄λŠ” 달! λ‹€λ₯Έ 멀버듀과 달리 지ꡬ 주변을 돌고 μžˆμ„κΉŒ?, 그리고 ν•˜λ‚˜ 더 μœ„ν΄λ¦¬ 멀버듀은 지ꡬ에 μ™œ μ™”μ„κΉŒ?[πŸͺ] μˆ˜μ§„μ΄λŠ” νƒœμ–‘β˜€μ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ μΌμš”μΌ, λ¨Όλ°μ΄λŠ” λ‹¬πŸŒ™μ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ μ›”μš”μΌ, μ§€ν•œμ΄λŠ” ν™”μ„±μ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ ν™”μš”μΌ, μ§€μœ€μ΄λŠ” μˆ˜μ„±μ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ μˆ˜μš”μΌ, μ†Œμ€μ΄λŠ” λͺ©μ„±μ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ λͺ©μš”일, μ‘°μ•„λŠ” κΈˆμ„±μ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ κΈˆμš”μΌ, μž¬ν¬λŠ” ν† μ„±πŸͺμ˜ μ„±μ£Όλ‘œ ν† μš”μΌμ„ λ‹΄λ‹Ήν•˜κ³  μžˆμ–΄β€Ό