Weeekly Weverse LIVE - Weeekly

Mar 26, 2021

[🎂] HAPPY JAEHEE DAY🐑🤍This is a first🤔 Wow😲‼️[🎂] HAPPY JIYOONDAY🐶💚Check for Weeekly News...See More✨🎀✨💖🐶🐰🦌💖✨🎀✨Revealing...Yoon's Playlist😎먼데이의 MoonliVeWe just ,, missed you,, 💖💖🐮 With Weeekly in 2021, too!!😍💖First V LIVE in a Year🥺🤭😓Come Gather Here~❣THUR X SAT Cross?! 🪐ZoaSsoeng iSoo here🦌🐾🐮💕[🎂] HAPPY SOOJIN DAY🐶💕Thank You, Daileee~💕Everyday Seemed Like a Roller Coaster🎢 We Can Say Goodbye!👋Daily who wants to play with Monthly~!!?🐶🐱[🎂] HAPPY SOEUNDAY 💖Perfects are here... Daily who wants to gather here❤❤❤❤❤❤❤[Replay] Weeekly(위클리) 2nd Mini Album [We can] Showcase 🌟🎊WEEEKLY 100 Days Celebration🎊🌟Challenge!Sketch Quiz!🖌(Drawers:Jiyoon,Jaehee)[📻] DJ Monday's Weeekly RadioSsong's Beads Class 🎀💗 with Ssoo & JjoonWeeekly Urgent Meeting 📝Came because we like you😘💗👋Weeekly Next Week Too💕 [We Are] Final Greetings👋우리 지금 진🐩지🐶합니다🤔Tada~ Guess Who We Are? 🥰😘🍑🍒💖💋😻🤩😄😋😙😚😍😘🥰A Unit Formed⁉️ Who wants to come see Wizard School student Weeekly~🍒🐮사랑둥이즈 왔사랑😍짠~ 엠카에 왔지윤❤☀️😍💕🐱🐶도 HELLO 🌛🌞~저희는 여러분을 조아하지윤❤❤🎀Who wants to come to the construction site~~⛑❤먼쏘 왔쏘 >_<🐴🐎[🎂] HAPPY JIHANDAY🐰💕쏭아지가 생방 전 알림 왔어용🐮JELLYDAY🥰짠~위클리가 더쇼에 왔쑤🥰❤This Week is Weeekly 💕 We are six day old rookie 🌱속보‼️📣위클리 음악중심 출연했어요💕😲월요일조아😊💜💙💚🧡❤위클리 첫 생방송 한시간 전‼️⏰🎉Again 2- Weeekly's First V LIVE‼️💝Weeekly 데뷔 첫 V LIVE 😍💕연습생으로서의 마지막 브이 라이브.....😲👋데뷔 4일 전 중간 보고 왔습니다‼️🙋‍♀️🎶위클리 완전체 깜짝 등장!!🌟👀