[Weverse Con Festival] 2023 Weverse Con Festival - Information on the Fan Art Gallery Event (+KOR/JPN/CHN)

► The complete list of 2023 Weverse Con Festival events ► 2023 위버스콘 페스티벌 이벤트 모아보기 ► 2023 Weverse Con Festivalのイベントはこちら Hello. This is HYBE Corp. We are happy to announce that the 2023 Weverse Con Festival - Fan Art Gallery event will be held. Please see the details below if you wish to participate. [Event Information] What is Fan Art Gallery? Fan Art Gallery is an exhibition taking place at the 2023 Weverse Con Festival concert venue that will feature artworks (caricatures, calligraphy, character designs, etc.) personally created by the participants. Eligibility: All Weverse members can participate When: During the Weverse Con Festival (For two days, June 10-11, 2023) Where: 88 Lawn Field Materials and Selection Criteria: * Digital files in formats such as PNG, PDF, etc. * At least 1920 x 1920 px, 300 dpi * All forms of visual media are allowed, including computer graphics, paintings, illustrations, photoshop, and drawings (for hand-drawn drawings, submit a scanned copy) * Artworks should portray the artists, the fan’s love for the artists, their music, etc. * Artworks about a group should feature all the members of the group * For calligraphy, you can only use the title of a track as the subject of your work Event Artists (15 in total, in alphabetical order) BAEKHO BUMZU ENHYPEN fromis_9 HWANG MIN HYUN HYOLYN Jeremy Zucker Lee Hyun LE SSERAFIM MOONCHILD NewJeans TOMORROW X TOGETHER XIA ZICO &TEAM * Artworks selected for the event will be exhibited at 88 Lawn Field during the concert period. * Only artworks inspired by artists from the above list will be selected for this Fan Art Gallery event. Artworks inspired by artists not on the list will not be selected. [Event Period] 2 PM, Wednesday, May 10 to 11:59 PM, Sunday, May 14, 2023 (KST) [How to Participate] 1. Visit the Weverse Zone community on Weverse! 2. Upload one piece of fan art to the Weverse Zone community feed, using one of the artist hashtags below. #2023WECONFE_BAEKHO #2023WECONFE_BUMZU #2023WECONFE_ENHYPEN #2023WECONFE_fromis_9 #2023WECONFE_HWANGMINHYUN #2023WECONFE_HYOLYN #2023WECONFE_JeremyZucker #2023WECONFE_LeeHyun #2023WECONFE_LE_SSERAFIM #2023WECONFE_MOONCHILD #2023WECONFE_NewJeans #2023WECONFE_TXT #2023WECONFE_XIA #2023WECONFE_ZICO #2023WECONFE_andTEAM 3. For winners only, upload the digital file and fill out the necessary information via the email sent to the Weverse account used to participate in the event. [Winner Announcement] 2 PM, Tuesday, May 23, 2023 (KST) [Winner Reward] 2023 Weverse Con Festival Official Merchandise [Things to Note] 1. You can only participate through the Weverse Zone community. (Entries submitted to specific artist communities will not be accepted.) 2. The intellectual property of the artists belongs to the artists themselves and their labels. Artworks submitted to the event, including prize winners, cannot be used for commercial purposes other than entering for the chance to win and exhibiting at the event. 3. Only posts that use one of the hashtags listed above under “How to Participate” will be accepted. 4. You can enter this event multiple times. However, please note that only posts using one hashtag and featuring one artwork will be accepted. 5. Only your own creative work will be accepted. If fraudulent entries are discovered, such as entering with the work of someone else or a stolen design, you will be excluded from winning. 6. Any images that maliciously recreate, damage, or edit an artist’s portrait with ill intent will be excluded from winning. Uploaders of such posts may be blacklisted, losing their ability to write posts, leave comments, etc., in the Weverse Zone community and the corresponding artist community, regardless of the event results. 7. If a submission is found to be fraudulent after it has been selected as a winner, its winning status may be canceled. 8. This event is not related to the in-person concert participation and separate tickets for this specific event are not provided. 9. Artworks submitted to the event, including prize winners, will be used only for the purposes of entry for the chance to win and exhibition and will be discarded afterward. 10. Event participant nicknames and links to the posts of their artworks will be referenced when selecting the winners. The announcement of the winners and the guide email on how to submit artworks will be sent to the Weverse account you used to participate in the event. Before participating in the event, please make sure that the email account you used to create your Weverse account can receive emails. The Weverse Con Festival will feature various programs for fans to enjoy. We look forward to everyone’s enthusiastic participation. Thank you. === 大家好,这里是HYBE。 2023 Weverse Con Festival - 饭绘画廊活动即将举行。 有意参与的Weverse粉丝,请参考以下内容。 [活动指南] 什么是饭绘画廊? 该活动将把粉丝亲手画的人物漫画、艺术字、卡通形象等作品展示在2023 Weverse Con Festival的演出现场。 对象:已加入Weverse的Weverse会员皆可报名 时间:Weverse Con Festival演出当天(2023年6月10日~11日 展示2天) 地点:88广场 素材及入选标准: • PNG、PDF等电子版文件 • 1920 * 1920px 300dpi以上 • graphic、绘画、插图、photoshop、手绘等表现手法不限(手绘稿需提供扫描件) • 作品可呈现艺人、粉丝对艺人的情感、歌曲等 • 若所选艺人为组合,作品须包含所有成员 • 若所选形式为艺术字,仅限以歌名作为素材 活动涵盖艺人(共15组,按字母排序) BAEKHO BUMZU ENHYPEN fromis_9 HWANG MIN HYUN HYOLYN Jeremy Zucker Lee Hyun LE SSERAFIM MOONCHILD NewJeans TOMORROW X TOGETHER XIA ZICO &TEAM *入选本次活动的作品,将在演出期间,在88广场内进行展览。 *未列入上述名单的艺人,非本次饭绘画廊活动的对象,即使投稿也不予选拔。 [活动参与时间] 2023年5月10日(周三)2PM ~ 2023年5月14日(周日)11:59PM(KST) [活动参与方法] 1. 进入Weverse内的Weverse Zone社区! 2. 在Weverse Zone社区的Feed中,上传1部艺人的饭绘作品,并参照下方内容附带所选艺人的话题标签。 #2023WECONFE_BAEKHO #2023WECONFE_BUMZU #2023WECONFE_ENHYPEN #2023WECONFE_fromis_9 #2023WECONFE_HWANGMINHYUN #2023WECONFE_HYOLYN #2023WECONFE_JeremyZucker #2023WECONFE_LeeHyun #2023WECONFE_LE_SSERAFIM #2023WECONFE_MOONCHILD #2023WECONFE_NewJeans #2023WECONFE_TXT #2023WECONFE_XIA #2023WECONFE_ZICO #2023WECONFE_andTEAM 3. 入选者通过参与活动的Weverse账号接收邮件后发送电子版文件,并填写必要的信息即可! [入选者名单公布] 2023年5月23日(周二)2PM(KST) [入选者奖品] 奖励2023 Weverse Con Festival官方周边商品 [注意事项] 1. 本活动只可在Weverse Zone社区参与。(各艺人社区不予受理) 2. 艺人的知识产权归于艺人本人及各所属厂牌所有。应征作品、入选作品均不得用于本活动的应征/展览以外的任何商业用途。 3. 仅认可按照活动参与方法中记载的话题标签参与的帖文。 4. 本活动可多次参与。 但仅认可上传1个话题标签与1部作品的帖文,应征时敬请注意。 5. 参与活动时,仅限使用本人创作的作品,盗用他人的作品或设计等不当行为一经发现,将被取消入选资格。 6. 恶意二次创作、毁损艺人肖像或恶意合成的图片,将被取消入选资格。无论是否入选,都可能被列入Weverse Zone社区及该艺人社区黑名单,今后将无法上传帖文、留言等。 7. 评选为入选者后,若发现存在不当行为,可能将被取消入选资格。 8. 本活动与观看线下演出无关,不另外提供门票。 9. 应征作品及入选作品均不会用于本活动应征/展览以外的用途,应征/展览结束后将被销毁。 10. 评选入选者时将参考参与本活动的参与者昵称与上传作品的帖文链接。 将通过参与活动的Weverse账号确认入选者并发送稿件提交指南邮件。 应征前,请务必确认加入Weverse账号的邮箱是否可以接收电子邮件。 Weverse Con Festival还将为粉丝准备更多的丰富活动。 请大家多多关注并踊跃参与。 谢谢!