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Oct 25, 2022


ココナの映像上がった~!!🥳 MY NACOCO IS SO CUTE😘💗After the shoot🎀💗🍭How was my party?🎸🍰☪️私のナゴヤの人文字、合格ですか??🥸 手羽先もけっこういい感じ、、?😗👍여러분 히나타 언니 영상 보셨나요?!💭💙💎 너무 이쁜 히나타 언니이이이이이~~~🥺 완전 💎🐻‍❄️히나타 언니world🐻‍❄️💎 다음은 누구일까…???🤨❤️히나타의 정보가 많이 많이…🫣💙 다음은 누구일까~~??이제야 가을인 줄 알았는데..🍂 겨울도 멀지 않아..❄️⛄️😐🌺🏝Today’s Moooood💞💞💞💫💦 Another shot from twitter☜📸How was my first vocal performance?😳🫣 Let’s ride~~🚗☺️🌿✌️🖤😎여러분~!! 오늘 동영상 봐 주셨나요??💭🥺🫧🌼🤎 알파즈 여러분들께 사랑과 감사의 마음이 전달되었으면 좋겠습니다🥰❤️😌 많이 많이 들어 주세용💕💕💕Hi!ALPHAZ🤘🏽☺︎ 잘 지내세요??🐻💜🐻💜 ➡︎another shot📸🦋Happy 200th anniversary🦋 Thank you always, my ALPHAZ🐺🖤 Eat well, sleep well and laugh a lot💕😌🥹너무 보고싶다…우리 ALPHAZ🥺벌써 10월이라니…😱💭🌝🍠👻🍂🎃 이제 가을이다~~~~~!!!!!😆 10월도 화이티이이이이잉💪✨❤️♪Ain't Nobody Love Like You Do♪ I love singing so much💜🤍💜🤍 Let's party together🐺🥰Chisa🥹💕💕💕 You were soooooooo amazing👏🎤🎶❤️ I'm so proud of you😭 ALPHAZ did you watch her vocal performance video on Youtube???🎥 You should go watch it!!!!!✅ALPHAZ~~🫶 もう9月終わってしまうの、、!???😮😮 今月もとても充実していました☺️🤍ALOHA~🤗🧡💕 ALPHAZ 여러분 잘 지내세용?😻 오늘 저희 영어 공부했어요~✏️ 영어 참 어렵다…🥲 화이팅!!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🦕💚Beginning of this week💚🦕サバの味噌煮を作ってみました🥘🥕🥥🫒 明日は何作ろうかな、、💭😋🧐 是非オススメ教えてください💕Hi~😝ALPHAZ~🍒🐺 How are u doing today~?👒💘우리 ALPHAZ~😽💭💓 이제 시원해졌네요🍃✨ 날씨도 좋고 시원하고👍 짱!😆💚🎧👽🎶It’s already been half a year since our debut🥹💭🎉🎉🎉 Thank you always my ALPHAZ🖤🖤🖤🐺今🤣💕💕인생 첫 말차라떼✰︎🥤💚🍃 짱 짱❤︎❤︎❤︎🤩JURIN is here🦋❤️💁‍♀️매일 날씨가 좋으면 좋겠는데…😒벌써 가을이구나~~🍠🍂🤎 ALPHAZ의 가을의 즐거움은 뭘까요~??😊여러분 여러분 여러분~!!!☺️ 오늘 나왔던 영상 봐 주셨나요!?🤩 MASCARA 많이 춰 주셔서 너무 너무 너무 감사합니다🥺✨👁💜🐺 앞으로도 많이 춰 주세요~!!!✨⚡️✨⚡️練習終わりにちょっとお散歩してきました🖤☁️😉✰︎.*・゚ 月を撮ったら Blueに写りました!!!😳💙🤍 綺麗な満月でhealing time~🌝🌚ALPHAZ🌼 저랑 같이 얘기 해 줄래요??☺️🍕💖Nice weather💜💜💜☀️Hope you had a good day ALPHAZ💙🤍 Sweet dreams!!💓Alphaz~~🐺🐺🐺 Thank you for always being our No.1 supporters🥺❤️ Giving all my love and positive energy to you all🤩✨ Love you❤️LONG TIME NO EAT PIZZA🍕👯‍♀️🥴산책 갔다 왔어요🌺🌺🌺 옆에 있는 친구는 누구일까요~?👧🏻💚🎾🌵今日は私たちのALPHAZに会いに行く夢を見れますように💭🛌😴♡♡♡おひさweverse😊💚 9月の始まり、、🦋✨✨✨ 久しぶりに冷やし中華を作って食べたよ😎🥗🥚🍜 夏もそろそろ終わり🥲 9月も頑張るぞぉ!!🍄💕MASCARA ✌️集 ✨✨✨ 写真見返すの楽しい🥰🥰🥰☕️DAY OFF🥯 힐링🧡힐링🧡Hi ALPHAZ~~🤩🌻 I love fruit💚💚 How was your day??ALPHAZ~ 오랜만이에요🐺🐺🥹 여러분이 요즘 듣는 노래 알려줘요💭🙈 궁금해~~😙😙내일 뭘 입을까 고민중…💭🌴💖💚🦕Scribble scribble scribble😙☁️🍭🦋BEST BIRTHDAY EVER🦋 Keeeep goooooing XG!!!!🎂💨🆙🆙🆙❤️오늘 날씨가 너무 좋아서 저의 기분도 최고였어요~~🧡🧡🧡いぇい✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻Maya in a ponytail~😉😉hehe💕 P.S I’m gonna jam to some music before I go to sleep🙈🙈🙈👍 Good night ALPHAZ❤️With CHISA🐥♡ I'm thinking about watching a movie tonight~!🍿🥤🎥✨ I haven’t watched a movie in so long🫣🤭 Please let me know if you have any recommendations💭👽💚🌙