ZICO Community Posts - 5분만 : Give me a minute|Ep.1 j-hope https://youtu.be/GFtyRsahBs8

Jul 29, 2022

5분만 : Give me a minute|Ep.1 j-hope https://youtu.be/GFtyRsahBs8

'괴짜 (Freak)' 응원법 가이드 🏁 '괴짜 (Freak)' 응원법을 여러분이 쉽고 재미있게 따라 할 수 있도록 특별 게스트 a.k.a 매니저님과 준비한 응원법 가이드! ※ 너무 열심히 하느라 '제도권 밖에' 부르기를 깜빡했지만 여러분들은 꼭 불러주세요! 😂💌Weverse Pre-release💌 The behind-the-scenes video of the SEOUL DRIFT MV🎬 is being shared with COMMON here on Weverse before the rest of the world!!🌐 Let's check it out in the Media tab together, a...저에게 5분만 시간 내주실 수 있나요? [5분만 : Give me a minute] EP.0 잠깐 5분만...🖐️ 후다닥 시작해서 후다닥 끝내드립니다! 🏃‍♀️속전속결 5분 인터뷰🏃 [5분만 : Give me a miute] 매주 금요일 오후 7시 ZICO 채널에서 만나요😎 👉 https://www.youtube.com/c/ZICOOFFICIAL4th EP [Grown Ass Kid] D-1 🎧 2022.07.27 6PM (KST) ⠀ #ZICO #지코 #GrownAssKid #괴짜 #Freak'괴짜 (Freak)' MV Teaser 🎧 2022.07.27 6PM (KST) ⠀ #ZICO #지코 #괴짜 #Freak #GrownAssKid'괴짜 (Freak)' MV Poster ⠀ 🎧 2022.07.27 6PM (KST) ⠀ #ZICO #지코 #괴짜 #Freak #GrownAssKidCalling all COMMON!📢 Has everyone checked out the opening event announcement?✔ Lucky winners will get special gifts, so please pay attention!🎁 [Event Period] Fri. July 22, 2022, 12:00 PM - Thu. July...ZICO 4th EP [Grown Ass Kid] Concept Photo ⠀ 🎧 2022.07.27 6PM (KST) ⠀ #ZICO #지코 #GrownAssKid #괴짜 #Freak[ZICO] 4th EP [Grown Ass Kid] Track List ⠀ 1. 괴짜 (Freak) *Title 2. SEOUL DRIFT 3. Trash Talk (Feat. CHANGMO) 4. OMZ freestyle 5. Nocturnal animals (Feat. Zior Park) ⠀ 🎧 2022.07.27 6PM (KST)⠀ ⠀ #ZICO ...🎉HOORAY🎉 COMMON, come on! ZICO Weverse is finally open, just for you!🔥 He can rap, he puts on killer performances, and he's got that stage presence🎤 And you can't deny the songs he produces are ma...