BTS Community Posts - BORA visits j-hope’s farm!👩‍🌾 She meets new batchim on the farm... But there is no need to fear with TinyTAN by her side!🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ Today’s quiz! Are 박 and 밖 pronounced the same?👀 Monday, 8 AM (KST

Jun 4, 2021

BORA visits j-hope’s farm!👩‍🌾 She meets new batchim on the farm... But there is no need to fear with TinyTAN by her side!🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ Today’s quiz! Are 박 and 밖 pronounced the same?👀 Monday, 8 AM (KST

V pays a visit to BORA who became a doctor!👩‍⚕️ Eyes👀, nose👃, mouth👄... What are the names of body parts in Korean? If you want to perfect your Korean pronunciation, check out Learn! KOREAN with T...The Legendary Tennis episode..! The youngest has it all! Cute look + nice manners 😎 Check out how Jung Kook perfectly plays tennis ON AIR BTS acrostic poem! B: BTS playing T: Tennis, sweating, has a ...Congratulations to BTS🎉 on scoring Billboard Hot 100 No.1 with <Butter> 🧈 💜BTS and ARMY achieved this together💜 Celebrate and commemorate today with the hashtag #BTS1onHot100 Leave congratulatory ...I'll melt your heart into 2🤭 I got that superstar glow so😎 Our hearts melted away.. like butter🧈 Endlessly streaming BTS <Butter> 💜 What’s your favorite scene and lyrics from the music video Butte...Learn the different kinds of batchim and their pronunciations while sorting waste with V!🧐 Pop quiz! How many batchim sounds are there in total?👀 (Hint: How many members are there in BTS?🤗) Monday...BTS Behind special release BTS 4th MUSTER [Happy Ever After] clip 2 Missing BTS already 💜 Congratulations to BTS on winning four Billboard Music Awards 2021!!🎉 ‘Butter’ stage never gets old 🧈 (psst...BORA has a hard time telling apart ㅂ, ㅃ, and ㅍ, too😭 But, not to worry, no, no!🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ You can practice pronouncing them with a single piece of tissue! See how much the tissue moves when you prono...⭐2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs)⭐ Congratulations to BTS for winning at the BBMAs🎉 Plus! Did everyone catch the first performance of "Butter"🧈? 💜BTS' stage presence + song = PURE. PERFECTION💜 ...One, two!! One, two!!🏃‍♀️ Follow BORA exercise and you can perfect your pronunciations for ㄱ, ㅋ, and ㄲ!🗣️ Today’s quiz! How do you pronounce ㅋ and ㄲ?🤔 Monday, 8 AM (KST) Find out more on Learn! KOR...All right, get up everyone!🙌 Loosen up your shoulders, and!💪 Stretch your arms to your right!▶️ To your left!◀️ Up above!🔼 Down low!🔽 All you did was lightly exercise with BORA and TinyTAN, and v...BTS Behind special 4th MUSTER [Happy Ever After] clip 1 From their outfits, places they go and the atmosphere, to the content and their cuteness ⭐! Every inch of it is perfect, from the bottom to the ...What is going on?! Not only the youngest Jung Kook🐰, but also Jimin🐥 ! Breathtaking poses of members keep appearing on thumbnail images😨!! Na PD…did you perhaps…? 😳 take a survival variety show wi...Who is the rhythm king in this neighborhood?🎶 Let’s play a fun rhythm game with Jin!🙌 Immerse yourself in the rhythm, and you’ll master your double vowels in no time!👍 Pop quiz!👀 How do you pronou...It’s raining Hangeul from the sky!☔ BORA is running around with a basket in her hand🏃‍♀️ What letters did she collect?🤔 Collect the letters that fell from the sky and put them in BORA’s basket!😉 Fr...Huh??😳What happened to our Maknae? Jung Kook is not so shy anymore .. 🐰 Members find that Maknae endearing💜 And we are just so happy seeing BTS💕 Na PD, who shouts a relentless Ddaeng! 😜 Versus se...[📢Breaking News📢] Did some of the ARMYs realize what kind of breaking news this is? Drum roll, please! BTS Weverse is now joined by 10million ARMYs! (deeply moved... sob sob😭) BTS and ARMY are keep...Love Maze...? Hangeul Maze...!🤩 BORA and TinyTAN are wandering through the maze😵 What letters will they find in there?🤔 We hope that you can make it out of the maze with BORA!💪 Monday, 8 AM (KST) ...Run BTS' 💜 X 15ya 'The Game Caterers' 💫 Did you enjoy the first collaboration? 😉 It felt bad to see members getting wrong answers But they were so cute 💕 Na PD, please do not cry that ‘Ddaeng’ out...Looking for ARMY who wants to play the Perfect Pitch game!🙌 What’s the secret to winning this game, you ask? The secret is......!😏 It’s a piece of cake if you learn the basic vowels on Learn! KOREAN...⭐ ‘RUN BTS’ X 15ya ‘The Game Caterers’ collaboration⭐ This is a complete BTS on air. Army, make some noise~!!!🥳 “U wrong me right, Watch me, Ddaeng" With Na PD😉 👀The fight of spears and shields👀 L...Wrapping up Dalbang table tennis lessons, taking a group picture 📸 Dalbang table tennis lessens were fun, awesome and delightful🏓 Not just a tennis, but a table tennis! My heart throbs when BTS wor...Why did BORA and TinyTAN go to the apple orchard??? 🍎 If you walk around the apple orchard with cutiepies BORA & TinyTAN...?👣 You will be able to magically learn to read the Hangeul vowels...! 🧙‍♀️...Only one hope, only one soul Only one smile, only one you😉 Seriously 😳 This thumbnail image, tho It's outrageously cute!🥳 Cute, good-looking and outstanding, as always! Bangtan table tennis match, ...Ding dong call me on my phone📱 Ice tea and a game of ping pong! 🏓 Bangtanies are Born Singer Never forget to sing and dance even when playing ping-pong It's a first of its kind Dynamite🔥 Behind-the...Waiting for the day that I can give BTS lessons ... since I've already given them my heart!💘 It doesn't matter how good or bad they are at table tennis! As long as it's BTS we're happy!😉 Part 1 of ...BTS has prepared a special gift for ARMY🎁💜 A BTS concert that you can enjoy in your own room - BANG BANG CON has returned🎉 From BTS LIVE TRILOGY EP.1 BTS BEGINS(MEMORIES OF 2015), where the story ...Emerging as the champions in a dramatic final turn of events🤩 the 'J-HOPE YOU ARE AWESOME JJIN' TEAM🎉 Who was it that made an intriguing proposition👂 to Jjin and Hobi? The correct answer!! will be...Kim Taetae, what is it that you're so into lately? On our end, we're so into you😍 How can we possibly count the ways that we love thee...💕 ARMY, let us know 💜What BTS song you're into and why💜 In...Wait a little bit, just a few more nights, I’ll be there to see you.  I'll go there to meet you!😭 Passing by the edge of the cold winter,  until the days of spring.🌱 Until the days of flower blossom...Everyone, what do you think is the meaning of 1365244?👀 👇Let's figure it out together in the comments below👇 Jiminnie's🐥 saying he'll do 1365244 with the most QT3.14 expression😍 on his face... It...💌A letter from BORA💌 From Seoul to Busan... BORA’s trip across Korea was delightful with ARMY there💜 Her journey in Korea may have ended but she will always be with ARMY!🙌 See you again, soon!😉 W...It's time for music class with Chimchim🐥 and Jinnie🐹! Follow Mr.TaeTae's🐻 lead and Sing your heart out~🎹 My reaction😊 = Kookie's reaction🐰 Let's all go together to💨 The cutest music class eve...???: "I really didn't want to go to this extent for the game." 💜The final program of Run BTS! Workshop💜 "Keep your things safe!"🔎 Who will be the one to keep his things safe until the end in the mi...We hear more people becoming ARMY~🎶 We bet there were many sleepless nights watching tons of BTS content!📹 ⭐Tell us your favorite Run BTS episode and why!⭐ Let's look back on the memories😍 and welc...Question time! What song are the members dancing to? The answer is...!👀👀 This episode will be all about BTS and the dancing fever!🔥 And making the appearance, the new dancing team leader!🐹 Watch R...I_NAMJOON_took a photo with a sculpture.jpg Go behind-the-scenes of 2021 Run BTS! Workshop! Get ready for the fun and goofy sides of BTS! Never miss a moment! The singing sculpture TAEHYUNG... You'll ..."Is this the famous..." We heard that this place is the famous 👂 💜BTS Naming Institution💜 Give this thumbnail a name! We can't wait to see your hilarious ideas and names!🤣🤣 Watch Run BTS! EP. 133...BTS and their hilarious Run BTS! moments ON FIRE 🔥🔥 Let us know your ⭐favorite, hilarious moments⭐ from EP. 132 in the comments!📝 (Adding the timestamp is OK!😉) Thursday, 9 PM (KST) is when we all...🚨EP. 132 Summary: Just look at the thumbnail🚨 Needs no words. This photo itself is hilarious enough... Guess how fun the actual episode will be!🤣 ⭐️Episode after episode, BTS simply delivers!⭐️ <Ru...Q. Guess the members! (From bottom to the top) We bet ARMY know who the members are without having to see their faces😉 💜Emoji Hint💜 1)🐰💇‍♂️ 2)🐻🐯 3)🐥☺️ The answer will be revealed on Thursday a...WARNING! Your belly might be in some pain from laughing too much! Before watching, make sure to do some stretches...💜 Brace yourselves!🤣🤣 Run BTS! is where you go for the BTS entertainment! Run BTS...This scene of BTS practicing... There's the teen movie vibe all over it...🌼 This is for ARMY only...🤫 You can watch BTS practicing tennis only on Behind Run BTS!👂 See y'all at 9 PM on Thursday (KST...