BTS Community Posts - The Return of Behind Run BTS! Not only that ... V brought flowers!🌼 The flowers are beautiful ... but not as beautiful as V and his '2 trillion dollar' smile🥰 TaeTae's🐻 been completely immersed in

Aug 18, 2021

The Return of Behind Run BTS! Not only that ... V brought flowers!🌼 The flowers are beautiful ... but not as beautiful as V and his '2 trillion dollar' smile🥰 TaeTae's🐻 been completely immersed in

Everyone is falling..👀 The members are falling deeper and deeper into confusion trying to figure out who the thieves are! ARMY is falling deeper and deeper in love with BTS while witnessing their in...Looking at this thumbnail👀 is like looking at the sun...🌞 BTS is shining so bright✨ We need to put on sunglasses!😎 Just one photo📸 can bring happiness to ARMY😆 Thank goodness for Run BTS...🥰 Run...Billboard HOT 100 No.1, 'Butter'!!💜 Congrats to BTS on topping the chart with 'Butter' for the 9th time!!🎉 Only BTS has recorded No.1 for 10 weeks! Words fail to describe how amazing this is😍 This ...Dear ARMY, what do you think?! Hanboks really suit the BTS members!👀 In celebration of Run BTS' return We tried our hand at some ✨poetry✨ on 'BTS Village'! What light through yonder BTS Village windo...Butter came back to reclaim Billboard HOT 100 No.1!!💜 Congrats to BTS on topping the chart with “Butter” for 8 times!! 🎉 The perfect love and support of BTS and ARMY made it possible for “Butter” to...💜Permission to Dance💜 Congrats to BTS on swapping spots on top of the Billboard chart with their new song, Permission to Dance! 🎉 Did ‘Minstradamus’ predict the future correctly once again?! Impres...Dear ARMY, how are you holding up?? Do you feel like you lost the sense of normalcy, being suffocated by something that you can’t quite pin down? Do not despair! BTS and their songs are right there fo...💜No.1 for seventh consecutive week💜 Billboard HOT 100 No.1, 'Butter' Congrats to BTS on topping the chart for the 7th consecutive week!!🎉 Still going strong in July!!! 7th No.1 with 7 members! It’s...⭐'Butter' album decorating challenge?!⭐ Dear ARMY! Did y’all enjoy ‘album decorating’ video by BTS? It was so heartwarming and fun!🤗 It’s ARMY’s turn to decorate the album🎨 Doesn’t matter if you don...💜The world will be colored purple, once again💜 BTS new song, 'Permission to Dance' is finally released!🤠 While BTS keeps making our daily lives happier and happier, this song doesn’t disappoint our..."Cause we don't need permission to dance🤠" 🔥It's coming!!!!🔥 The 'Butter' CD Single AND the 'Permission to Dance' MV will be released Friday, July 9th 1:00 PM (KST)!🎉 Plus ... two new pieces of in...The perfect photo to represent the hearts of ARMYs... it's our hope💕 ... j-hope!!!!🕺 j-hope's pose = ARMYs pose on July 9th while listening to 'Permission to Dance'👂🤣 While watching 'Run BTS!' wh...💜No.1 for sixth-straight week💜 “Butter” tops Billboard HOT 100 Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover🧈 Congrats to BTS for breaking the record by topping the list for 6 consecutive weeks! C...👀👀!! Oh my... Jimin looking right at us with such a lovely message... ARMYs hearts just skipped a beat💜😘 Dear Jimin🐥: Thank you for your sweet message💝💌 Our response is ..... BTS love!💜 This ...The place for BTS and ARMY!💜 Congrats to the 2nd anniversary of BTS Weverse!🎉 Over the past two years on Weverse, we had powerful moments like Dynamite✨ and smooth moments like Butter🧈 We encourage...💜No.1 for five weeks in a row💜 ‘Butter’ goes No.1 on Billboard HOT 100🧈 No.1 for five weeks straight, this feels like a dream!! Congratulations to BTS and ARMY🎉 This enternal night with no end in ...Huh? BTS are suddenly self-reflecting?🤔 Dear our lovely BTS members: Don't worry!!! All you need to know is how much ARMY loves you💜💜💜 Everyone, until the new Run BTS GAYO is out how about we show...RM’s charm is simply out of this world!👀 I know you know that too, right, ARMY?💜 That’s why we (quite randomly) prepared the following: <Four-line acrostic poem: Me Lon Kim Chi> Mel: Melon Kimchi? N...💜No.1 for four weeks in a row💜 ‘Butter’ goes No.1 on Billboard HOT 100🧈 No.1 again, this week!!! Congratulations!!!!🎉 SHINE, DREAM, SMILE The lights we saw in each other We were saying the same t...You can tell how enthralling this episode is just by looking at the thumbnail image!🤣 What made members to brace themselves again, to focus on their core work?👀 With your endless imagination, share ...💌DEAR WEVERSE DIRECTOR OF FUN V💜 Thank you for holding a wonderful event with ARMY!🎉 Weverse will take responsibility for delivering the signed CD.🎁 We extend our gratitude for always being with A...Now, it’s time to apply what we learned in real life!😎 Let’s read what BTS posted! Why not practice reading Hangeul by reading what BTS post online?👀 We hope that Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN helped ...💜No.1 for three weeks in a row💜 ‘Butter’ goes No.1 on Billboard HOT 100🧈 No.1 again, this week!!! Congratulations!!!!🎉 You got me I dream while looking at you I got you Inside those pitch black ni...Surely, you didn’t forget the existence of Run BTS because of FESTA and MUSTER, right? 😉 Run BTS came back!🎉 We brought a thumbnail image for you, ARMY that does not require any further explanation!...It’s the last episode of Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN😭 Let’s make a delicious cake with Jimin!🎂 How is your Hangeul studies going so far?🤗 Let’s now practice pronouncing Korean like a native speaker!...If you believe me, say one, two, three!🎤 (Remember BTS’s song, “Two! Three!”?) j-hope is jumping rope. Let’s cheer him along by counting in Korean.🙌 Count your numbers in Korean, and sing along to ...JIMIN looks so composed 🐥 His untapped talent in tennis is now fully revealed! 🎁 Looking them playing tennis brings back good memories. It’s fun and exciting!! Awesome 🥰 Packed with undisclosed beh...💜No.1 AGAIN💜 ‘Butter’ goes No.1 on Billboard HOT 100🧈 No.1 again, this week!!! Congratulations!!!!🎉 BTS and ARMY, writing history every week! Got ARMY right behind BTS💜 With the hashtag #Butter1o...BORA visits j-hope’s farm!👩‍🌾 She meets new batchim on the farm... But there is no need to fear with TinyTAN by her side!🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ Today’s quiz! Are 박 and 밖 pronounced the same?👀 Monday, 8 AM (KST...V pays a visit to BORA who became a doctor!👩‍⚕️ Eyes👀, nose👃, mouth👄... What are the names of body parts in Korean? If you want to perfect your Korean pronunciation, check out Learn! KOREAN with T...The Legendary Tennis episode..! The youngest has it all! Cute look + nice manners 😎 Check out how Jung Kook perfectly plays tennis ON AIR BTS acrostic poem! B: BTS playing T: Tennis, sweating, has a ...Congratulations to BTS🎉 on scoring Billboard Hot 100 No.1 with <Butter> 🧈 💜BTS and ARMY achieved this together💜 Celebrate and commemorate today with the hashtag #BTS1onHot100 Leave congratulatory ...I'll melt your heart into 2🤭 I got that superstar glow so😎 Our hearts melted away.. like butter🧈 Endlessly streaming BTS <Butter> 💜 What’s your favorite scene and lyrics from the music video Butte...Learn the different kinds of batchim and their pronunciations while sorting waste with V!🧐 Pop quiz! How many batchim sounds are there in total?👀 (Hint: How many members are there in BTS?🤗) Monday...BTS Behind special release BTS 4th MUSTER [Happy Ever After] clip 2 Missing BTS already 💜 Congratulations to BTS on winning four Billboard Music Awards 2021!!🎉 ‘Butter’ stage never gets old 🧈 (psst...BORA has a hard time telling apart ㅂ, ㅃ, and ㅍ, too😭 But, not to worry, no, no!🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ You can practice pronouncing them with a single piece of tissue! See how much the tissue moves when you prono...⭐2021 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs)⭐ Congratulations to BTS for winning at the BBMAs🎉 Plus! Did everyone catch the first performance of "Butter"🧈? 💜BTS' stage presence + song = PURE. PERFECTION💜 ...One, two!! One, two!!🏃‍♀️ Follow BORA exercise and you can perfect your pronunciations for ㄱ, ㅋ, and ㄲ!🗣️ Today’s quiz! How do you pronounce ㅋ and ㄲ?🤔 Monday, 8 AM (KST) Find out more on Learn! KOR...All right, get up everyone!🙌 Loosen up your shoulders, and!💪 Stretch your arms to your right!▶️ To your left!◀️ Up above!🔼 Down low!🔽 All you did was lightly exercise with BORA and TinyTAN, and v...BTS Behind special 4th MUSTER [Happy Ever After] clip 1 From their outfits, places they go and the atmosphere, to the content and their cuteness ⭐! Every inch of it is perfect, from the bottom to the ...What is going on?! Not only the youngest Jung Kook🐰, but also Jimin🐥 ! Breathtaking poses of members keep appearing on thumbnail images😨!! Na PD…did you perhaps…? 😳 take a survival variety show wi...