Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - Dreamcatcher

Mar 18, 2021

[DREAMCATCHER] Guess who it really is this time~~~![Dreamcatcher] Short and simple!!![Dreamcatcher]Dangerous Love💋[Dreamcatcher] Dami Day🐼🎂🎉[DREAMCATCHER] Are You Having a Good Weekend?😍[Dreamcatcher]94s are here>_☆[Dreamcatcher] No way‼️ DD is here‼️[Dreamcatcher] Oh, I'm full ~~[Dreamcatcher] It's been so long 🥺[Dreamcatcher]Kiss😘I'm here puhahahaha 🐼[Dreamcatcher]크아아아아아아아아아ㅏㄱ[Dreamcatcher] Don't you want to go to the dream with me?[DREAMCATCHER] Gahyeon Day🦊🎂🎉[Dreamcatcher] Dreamcatcher's concept is great odd eye‼️[Dreamcatcher] Sua's here!!![Dreamcatcher]Can't Give Up!!!!!!!![Dreamcatcher]Wow, The Third!!!!!!![Dreamcatcher]Can You Hear Me...???[Dreamcatcher]Run Run!!!!![DREAMCATCHER] The 4th Anniversary of Debut V LIVE 🎂[Dreamcatcher] I Took Off My Face Mask And Came Hehe[Dreamcatcher] First V LIVE in 2021°¤°[DREAMCATCHER] A Little Early Christmas with DREAMCATCHER🎄[DREAMCATCHER] SuSiJi in a long time🔥[Dreamcatcher]Ambitious Night☆[DREAMCATCHER] It's Been a While~ Guess Who?😺[DREAMCATCHER] 🤪🗣💕✨[DREAMCATCHER] I'll be quiet. You don't need to lower the volume LOL HEHE[DREAMCATCHER] Shall We Listen to Voices🥰[DREAMCATCHER] 💗❤🥳😘[DREAMCATCHER] V LIVE Changed..?[Dreamcatcher] Let's play with Sua🐥[DREAMCATCHER] Gather!!! InSomnia!!![DREAMCATCHER ] This place is 🐶🐶🐶 chaos[DREAMCATCHER] V LIVE Changed! It's Hard![DREAMCATCHER] Happiness[Dreamcatcher] Bark Bark!! Growl!!![DREAMCATCHER] Bboya Time🐥[DREAMCATCHER] 🥟🐼[DREAMCATCHER] A group V LIVE😎💗[DREAMCATCHER] "Handong" Has Been Missing🐱[DREAMCATCHER] Going Home!🐼[DREAMCATCHER] BboBeu 🐼 [DREAMCATCHER] WahWahWah[Dreamcatcher] Reporting that I'm alive -1[DREAMCATCHER] Hi!![Dreamcatcher] What are you doing when it's the weekend?[DREAM CATCHER] Before Sleeping, Raaadio![DREAMCATCHER]Slurp🤤