Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - Dreamcatcher

Jan 3, 2022

[DREAMCATCHER]🐶[DREAMCATCHER] Ji U🍒[Dreamcatcher] Ji U is here🍒[DREAMCATCHER]Décalcomanie👥[Dreamcatcher] Hi Yoo![Dreamcatcher] It's Saturday!!!![Dreamcatcher]Yoo Tonyyy[Dreamcatcher] Let's just talk for a bit 😇[Dreamcatcher] Pie is here Bbubbu♡[DREAMCATCHER]🦔🦦🐳🐥🐘🦙🦭[Dreamcatcher] Sihyeon with bangs[DREAMCATCHER] Don't disconnect[DREAMCATCHER] Talk Talk[Dreamcatcher] Wow~~ Let's Chat For a Bit[DREAMCATCHER] Gaddong is here[DREAMCATCHER] Minji came bwiefly❤️[Dreamcatcher] 🐼 is here, too[드림캐쳐]잠깐..😇[Dreamcatcher] Dark Very Dark[Dreamcatcher] (Belated) HAPPY SIYEON DAY🐺🎂🎉[DREAMCATCHER] OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!![드림캐쳐] 파티장에 놀러온 당신! [Dreamcatcher] It's raining and Siyeon is also here[드림캐쳐]노올자!!![드림캐쳐] 안뇽안뇽 잠깐 수다 떨자[드림캐쳐] 졸…려…살려줘…[드림캐쳐] ●□●[Dreamcatcher] Be!!!! Cause[Dreamcatcher] Handong Yoohyeon[Dreamcatcher] HAPPY (EARLY) SU A DAY🐥🎂🎉[Dreamcatcher]Peekaboo![Dreamcatcher]DYD[드림캐쳐] 수시지 2[Dreamcatcher] Su Si Ji[FULL] Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) Special Mini Album [Summer Holiday] Showcase[Dreamcatcher] Tomorrow is Dreamcatcher's showcase!.! Make sure to watch at 8pm!![DREAMCATCHER] I Like You ♡☆[Dreamcatcher] BEcause I like u🐼[Dreamcatcher] Best Friends☆♡[DREAMCATCHER] It's Hot, So Hot 😅[Dreamcatcher] Transferring Breakup vs Ghosting Breakup[드림캐쳐] 토요일 오후[Dreamcatcher] 🎶The rain… stopped^_^ Let's interact![DREAMCATCHER]☔️💦[Dreamcatcher] 🦑[Dreamcatcher] Ack👐🏻[DREAMCATCHER] A short V LIVE😆☀️[드림캐쳐] 졸령[DREAMCATCHER] When is DREAMCATCHER making a comeback?[DREAMCATCHER] 50 Minutes Left 🦊🐱