Dreamcatcher Weverse LIVE - Dreamcatcher

Jun 15, 2022

[DREAMCATCHER] Don't know[DREAMCATCHER] Hi![Dreamcatcher] Came back from Spain..[DREAMCATCHER] Hi[DREAMCATCHER] I'm boreddd[DREAMCATCHER] One Second![DREAMCATCHER] 10:38 pm[DREAMCATCHER] Nice to see you~[DREAMCATCHER]Saturdayyyy[DREAMCATCHER] Worked Hard on Promotions [DREAMCATCHER] 2nd Win潘[DREAMCATCHER] First #1潘潘[DREAMCATCHER] A Brief Talk Talk[DREAMCATCHER] It's me, pick up[DREAMCATCHER] Nyong Nyong[DREAMCATCHER]All ready and here...[DREAMCATCHER] Tada[DREAMCATCHER] Tada[Dreamcatcher] Finished Work[DREAMCATCHER] Hehe Hi[DREAMCATCHER]Hi?[Dreamcatcher] Visible V LIVE ^_^[DREAMCATCHER] We'll briefly see you before we go LOL[DREAMCATCHER] Are you sleeping??[DREAMCATCHER] [DREAMCATCHER] Hold on![DREAMCATCHER] HAPPY GAHYEON DAY [DREAMCATCHER] All the new year's luck is mine[DREAMCATCHER] Let..Eat...[DREAMCATCHER] Let's Eat[DREAMCATCHER] 5th Anniversary Since Debut V LIVE[Dreamcatcher] HAPPY YOOHYEON DAY 塔 [DREAMCATCHER] Monday 朮[DREAMCATCHER][DREAMCATCHER] Ji U[Dreamcatcher] Ji U is here[DREAMCATCHER]D矇calcomanie[Dreamcatcher] Hi Yoo![Dreamcatcher] It's Saturday!!!![Dreamcatcher]Yoo Tonyyy[Dreamcatcher] Let's just talk for a bit [Dreamcatcher] Pie is here Bbubbu[DREAMCATCHER]戌喫休早[Dreamcatcher] Sihyeon with bangs[DREAMCATCHER] Don't disconnect[DREAMCATCHER] Talk Talk[Dreamcatcher] Wow~~ Let's Chat For a Bit[DREAMCATCHER] Gaddong is here[DREAMCATCHER] Minji came bwiefly歹[Dreamcatcher] is here, too