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Mar 26, 2020

[DREAMCATCHER] Falling Asleep..😌[DREAMCATCHER] DREAMCATCHER Is Waiting For "The Show" Come See Who's Here🀩[DREAMCATCHER] I'm Hungry Hehe[DREAMCATCHER] 1st week of "Black Or White"!! And going home on time!![DREAMCATCHER] Friday Night With πŸ”₯Ji U🐰[DREAMCATCHER] Did You Watch Music Bank🐼[DREAMCATCHER] SUAAANG[Dreamcatcher] Don't sleep❀️[Dreamcatcher] Cold😭[DREAMCATCHER] Sweet and Sour White DayπŸ“πŸ‡πŸ­[DREAMCATCHER] What are you doing?😊[DREAMCATCHER] V LIVE alone at the dorm in a long time 🐺[DREAMCATCHER] Lunch Time!![DREAMCATCHER] Hyun Sisters πŸ”₯[DREAMCATCHER] InSomnia, what are you doing?🐺🐰🦊[DREAMCATCHER] Going Home after Last Show....πŸ₯Ί Unni's Car[DREAMCATCHER] Today Is Dami's BirthdayπŸΌπŸŽ‚[DREAMCATCHER] What! [DREAMCATCHER] Awaiting Music Bank ~ [DREAMCATCHER] Today is Wednesday Night πŸ‘[DREAMCATCHER] Before The Show! Let's Talk!![DREAMCATCHER] Today is Group V LIVE 😎🀘[DREAMCATCHER] Late Night 🀘🏻[DREAMCATCHER]97s Kim Yoohyeon🐢Lee Yoobin🐼[λ“œλ¦ΌμΊμ³] 77이 μ†Œν™˜!!97즈 κΉ€μœ ν˜„πŸΆ 이유빈🐼[DREAMCATCHER] Thank You For Today❀️[DREAMCATCHER]Shall we see your faces before sleeping?πŸ€—[DREAMCATCHER] Hello??[DREAMCATCHER] First broadcastπŸ”₯Safely finishedπŸ”₯❀️[Dreamcatcher] First show tomorrow... I'm so nervous...πŸ”₯[Dreamcatcher] The sun is setting🀘🏻[DREAMCATCHER] Finally..!!!🀘🏻[DREAMCATCHER] Pick Up the Phone 2 πŸ”₯[λ“œλ¦ΌμΊμ³] μ „ν™”λ°›μ•„μš© πŸ”₯[Dreamcatcher] D-2πŸ˜πŸ€[Dreamcatcher] Would you like to come over to our place?πŸ˜‰[λ“œλ¦ΌμΊμ³] 우리 μˆ™μ†Œλ‘œ λ†€λŸ¬μ˜¬λž˜?πŸ˜‰[DREAMCATCHER] Guess What We're Doing~? Haha[DREAMCATCHER] This Time, It's Dam Time[DREAMCATCHER]🀘🏻🀘🏻[DREAMCATCHER] Suddenly Again Like This~~~?? 🐢[DREAMCATCHER] The comeback is approaching[DREAMCATCHER] I'mNervousI'mNervoussssss[DREAMCATCHER] Good Night App ❀️🐣[DREAMCATCHER] Hi my name is Yoohyeon[DREAMCATCHER] Let's Go To Work With Siyeon![DREAMCATCHER] PLEASE I DON'T WANT TO SCREAM❀️[DREAM CATCHER] 🐰πŸ”₯[DREAM CATCHER] Sweet Potato Mukbang 🐼🍠[DREAM CATCHER] D-7❀️😊🀘🏻