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May 25, 2022

who’s hungry

i need to stop using people’s real names in songswho should i collab with ?for MTV at Coachellai miss being on tour and seeing u guysmerry christmas from alexander 23 and i <3💖💖💖i'm making so much musicin the studio :)i’m making a sexy songfalling in love with strangers on the internet💤TOO MUCH LOVE I'm OVERWHELMEDtoday is my birthday and i love you very muchi’ve been working on musicit’s been a while… hi everyonemy new years resolution is to stop using a baby voice when i get uncomfytrue love is making a comebackyou guys are the cutest i love reading your comments 🥺:)it’s so nice to be back in la :) can’t wait to get started on new musicwe filmed some songs at the new york show on tour… should i release them?thanks for the tour of my dreams 🖤what color should i dye my hair next 😘how is everyone’s day? :)paint me like one of your ______if you could hear one of my songs live which one would it be?give me some ideas what to post on weverse 😇has anyone seen me on tour yet ?? what cities should i go nexti need some sleeeeeep 🥺yes i’m bored :’)i’m so happy to be back on tourif i fall… will u catch me ˙ᵕ˙CRUSHERsweating my a** off rehearsing for touri love every one of you !!! thank you for all the support 😇CRUSHER live :-)what’s ur fav song off the album mine’s the interlude where i say “cwushuh” in a baby voice and chuckle awkwardly for 1 minute and 20 secondshi weverse 🥺my second album CRUSHER is out now everywhere. i love you all 🖤 dump truck“Therapist” out this friday written/produced by ethan gruska & me :)“Crusher” back cover & tracklist. pick ur fav second album, “Crusher” , out everywhere Oct 1st. hereguess WHATwhat should i cook for dinner tonight‼️THAT WAY with tate mcrae out at midnight localllllllll timeeeeee miss u guys so much, i can’t wait to get back on the road 🥺😭make sure to take care of yourselfwhat does everyone think of “Cry with you” so far?? 🥺