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Dec 6, 2021

we filmed some songs at the new york show on tour… should i release them?

thanks for the tour of my dreams 🖤what color should i dye my hair next 😘how is everyone’s day? :)paint me like one of your ______if you could hear one of my songs live which one would it be?give me some ideas what to post on weverse 😇has anyone seen me on tour yet ?? what cities should i go nexti need some sleeeeeep 🥺yes i’m bored :’)i’m so happy to be back on tourif i fall… will u catch me ˙ᵕ˙CRUSHERsweating my a** off rehearsing for touri love every one of you !!! thank you for all the support 😇CRUSHER live :-)what’s ur fav song off the album mine’s the interlude where i say “cwushuh” in a baby voice and chuckle awkwardly for 1 minute and 20 secondshi weverse 🥺my second album CRUSHER is out now everywhere. i love you all 🖤 dump truck“Therapist” out this friday written/produced by ethan gruska & me :)“Crusher” back cover & tracklist. pick ur fav second album, “Crusher” , out everywhere Oct 1st. hereguess WHATwhat should i cook for dinner tonight‼️THAT WAY with tate mcrae out at midnight localllllllll timeeeeee miss u guys so much, i can’t wait to get back on the road 🥺😭make sure to take care of yourselfwhat does everyone think of “Cry with you” so far?? 🥺did everyone have a good weekend ? 😊i wrote this song for my friend, lauren. “Cry with you”, out everywhere now health is physical healthcheck up on your friends. “Cry with you”, out at midnight there :)hi just wanted to remind everyone on weverse that i love them 🥺😊😘how is everyone’s day ?miss you all 🥰💞HONEST out everywhere now 💞’s heard HONEST already ???🥰friday presave HONEST here - WAIT FOR YALL TO SCREAM THIS ONE ON TOUR - “HONEST” out friday !!!!!HONEST out this friday 7/23 . one of my favorites of all time <3 all! i wanted to make a special spotify collection - it's basically a collaborative playlist but between all of you and me (lol). i've added a bunch of songs i want you to hear, and if you add the...what does everyone think about "18"? 💞‘18’ out everywhere now the beginning of a new era. i cannot wait to share all of this new music with you all <3"18" out tonight @ midnight EST :))))’s been a while. “18” out this thursday 6/24'S FINISHED '18', coming june 24,! comment your favorite song of mine, and what style of music of mine you're most looking forward to hearing in the future - the next album is filled with lots of fun stuff XD