Sep 4, 2023

HAPPY SEJEONG DAY 🎉하라메는 다들 들어보셨는가기타 연습하고 공부하고 글 쓸건데 같이 할 사람~~잠깐 얼굴 좀 볼까나공부를 잠시 해볼까나 😆까꿍🤭🤗🤗슛 들어가기전에 잠깐 얼굴 좀 볼까?ㅎㅎ어서와 위버스는 처음이지?하노이에서~_~Hi it's been a while without a question markLet's get home safely🏠So, Again!!Going to say hiThank you for being SESANGLet's do this firstIt's been a while, SESANGBeen a while doing a practice room V LIVE 🥰Let's Countdown 2022 Together❤️Gather around, worldHalloween...It's dangerous out there !!Is it telling me to wrap it up ..Needs To Do This 3 Days To Be Sejeong KekekeKekeke I never do it in one time Hoohoo즐거운 추석 보내고 있나요 세사아앙?Dongeurie SE-Dong DongKekekekekePeekaboo! It's Anna~_~V LIVE packing food for tomorrowWho wants to decorate albums!!![FULL] KIM SE JEONG 2nd MINI ALBUM [I’m] SHOWCASEKIM SEJEONG 2nd MINI ALBUM [I'm] Album Preview ❤️warning😍Going back after Show! Musiccore~_~I'm bored let's keep it compact and do this for an hour and go home ~.~Urgent, so I Came In.Night Practice (Really practicing...It is that song I always sang)