NCT 127 Weverse LIVE - NCT 127

Dec 22, 2023

NCT 127's winter special single "Be There For Me" is out! Listen and download on your favorite platform: NCT 127 Official https://tw

Be there for me μ‹œμ¦ˆλ‹ˆπŸ’šat BKKλŒ€λ°•λ‚˜μ„Έμš”2πŸ’šλŒ€λ°•λ‚˜μ„Έμš”πŸ’š#μŸŒλ„#μŸŒλ„μ‹¬μ‹¬λ“œμ½”μ •ν•˜κΈ°πŸ’šλ“œλ ˆμŠ€μ½”λ“œμ„Έμƒμ—μ„œ 행볡을 κ°€μž₯ 많이 λ°›μ€λ‚ πŸ’šν•˜μ΄λ§ μ©‘ν’‰ν’‰ν’‰μ‹œμ¦ˆλ‹ˆλ•Œλ¬Έμ—λ―Έμ³μ–΄μ–΄μ–΄πŸ’šγ…Žγ…Šλ‹¨μ²΄ 라이뢀Hiν—¬λ‘œNCT 127 The 5th Album <Fact Check> : A Night of Festivalμœ„λ²„μŠ€μ‹œν‹° μ²«λΌμ΄λΈŒπŸ’š