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Feb 12, 2021

how was your day??

ROSE EATING CAKE WITH A SPOON LISTENING TO MY SONG AAAAHHH happy birthday angel rose thanks for liking my music lolGUYS I AM BACK I FORGOT MY PASSWORD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAnew years resolution is being more active on here lolcan we catch up???????????? how was your holiday? how is your heart how is your head? how are your friends? what is your favorite color do you have any pets are you happy?必必必必i....必miss必必必必必必必必必必必people必必i have a big secret and it is that i want someone to duet this.. CANT GET OUT OF BEDDDDDDS I CANNNNNNOT DO IT i refuse are you plsminor has been out for five months and i know i havent even been on HERE for that long but its important to me that i let you know how much your being here means to me. i truly truly truly dont know w... you remember THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO BRUSH FIRE IT IS MY JOURNAL IN SONG FORM AND I HOPE IT MEANS SOMETHING TO YOUin 20 minutes come talk to meeeeee my song is out so soon..................... i'm nervous..'Brush Fire' song and video out tonight at 9pm pst :') :'( Photo uploaded.i am laughingHI I LOVE YOU TEHEHEHEpicture dump #1i'm eating cookies in bed rn how are youHI SO i have this playlist and it's of my favorite songs and i update the playlist often but i havent in a long time and i want you guys to tell me what music you love and what you want to hear on the...hi baes how was your weekend 五五五五五五五五五五朮朮i miss youI FIGURED OUT HOW TO POST!!!!!! HI HI HI HI HI HI i just woke up it is so early but im just thinking of you guys. how are you tell me your about feelings i love you